The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

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It was only a matter of time and the transformation was inevitable.  Those with a WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) mindset are rapidly becoming the LGIFT people.  That, by the way, stands for “Let’s Get It From Them”.  If they have not come to understand that there is no such thing as a “FREE LUNCH”, they’re darn sure that having eaten, they don’t want to be the ones to pay the check.

But reality is starting to take root in those among this group with IQ’s that are greater than your average snapping turtle’s.  Sadly, that only comprises a small percentage of this collective.  (My apologies to snapping turtles everywhere).

Apparently those who are the targets of the collective’s “wealth-equalization” strategy never saw the T-Shirt which said, “When rape is inevitable, lean back and enjoy it.”  And darn those curmudgeons, they’re not going to go down without a fight.

So now that the election’s over and we know what we’re stuck with for the next few years, business people are finally able to lay out some strategies.  And here’s what is happening:

*** Hostess Brands, Inc. has filed for bankruptcy.  The company manufactures “Twinkies” and “Wonder Bread” among other “food” products.

I never ate a Twinkie but I have seen people pop them in their mouths and looked at the pseudo-creamlike insides as it oozed around the outer pastry container – which is why I have never eaten a Twinkie.  And as to “Wonder Bread”, I remember as a kid Mom saying, “It’s a wonder they’re allowed to call it bread.”

Net result of failing to reach an accord with the Baker’s Union representing Hostess’ workers:

Probably an improvement in the general health of those who eat this stuff and may no longer find it on their grocery store’s shelves;

Hostess will lay off 18,500 full-time employees.  (Oh, by the way, the Baker’s Union that refused to budge on the principle of WIIFM only represents 5,600 people – so they were effectively able to deprive an additional 12,900 working class stiffs of their jobs).

Way to go, folks.  Did I hear someone say, “Union, Yes!?”

*** Obamacare, though 13 months from full implementation is starting to take it’s toll:

This morning at the dog park, one of my friends who is 74 mentioned that he had received a letter on Saturday from his primary doctor that effective 01/01/13 he will no longer treat patients who are insured through Medicare.  You can be darn tootin’ sure that millions of elderly patients will be getting that similar notification.

I guess that’s okay.  We know that “end of life” medical costs represent by far the greatest medical expenditures a person will typically experience during her few brief years on planet Earth.  So if we merely let the elderly die through neglect we can save all that money – not to mention future Social Security payments they might have received.  Now that’s one heck of a way to try to get our financial and healthcare system back on track;

There is good news in this.  Obviously, the funeral industry will be a major beneficiary of these deaths – so that may provide an opportunity for those Hostess workers who are getting laid off.  How long can it be before we start seeing ads from those on-line Universities offering training in “Mortuary Science?”  I just wonder how they will provide the “hands on” training necessary over the internet.;

Those evil doers that run companies are, of course, taking defensive measures that any rational person would.  They are cutting the hours of formerly full-time employees and making them part-time to avoid having to cover them with the proscribed insurance that Obamacare mandates.  So employees who are now covered with insurance will lose this benefit and will have to find and pay for it on their own (with a reduced income) or will have to pay a tax for not having insurance and will have to rely on Medicaid for their health needs.  Good luck having a decent quality of life with those choices.

To make matters worse, insurance premiums are going to skyrocket.  They have to in order to accommodate the influx of new, unhealthy patients who will be added to the rolls.  If you apply the same lack of logic to auto insurance as Obamacare applies to health insurance, what would you, a careful driver with a twenty year-long record of no tickets or accidents think if suddenly your auto insurance company advised that because now, all drivers are “equal” risks, your premium is going to quadruple since they have to insure people at the same rate as you, who have been arrested multiple times with DUI’s on their record?  The phrase “p*ssed off” comes to mind.

Well there still is good news I could find in this scenario.  At least one CEO of a major casualty insurance company, Peter B. Lewis of Progressive Insurance, a major Obama contributor, might see a significant increase in his company’s bottom line.  And the better good news is that Flo wouldn’t have to apply to an online University to get training in Mortuary Science.

But let’s do just a quick recap on the situation of the average now full-time, soon to be part-time employee:

She will take a pay cut of approximately one-third of her income;

She will now be forced to pay for insurance out of her own pocket at rates that are far higher than those today, which are already unaffordable;

Failing that, she will have to pay a $695 penalty to the government on her tax return for not having insurance;

The only healthcare available to her will be Medicaid – arguably only one or two steps better than going to a witch doctor – and thus will add to the burgeoning cost of that program which is already bankrupt;

And she will now probably qualify for assistance for food stamps because of her reduced income – another program that is rapidly bankrupting and enslaving us both financially and morally.

What’s not to like?

I see a few hands being raised on the left side of the auditorium.

“Yes, sir?  Do you have a question or comment?”

“I think it’s disgusting that those fat cat, money grubbing people who own companies are going to lay-off or reduce the hours of workers just because of their own selfish self-interest.”  (I cleaned up and deleted the expletives in this statement as this blog is designed for a general audience.)

“Do you, sir?  As I understand your statement, you object to their doing what they believe is in their own best self-interest?  But let me ask you – isn’t that exactly what you and millions of people who share your view did when you voted for a President who created this whole mess?  You thought it would be a good thing for YOU.  So why should anyone else act any differently?”

At this point a significant contingent of those in attendance left the room.  So to those remaining, let me offer a suggestion.

Just so we know what we’re really dealing with, I propose renaming the President’s healthcare bill to what it really is:  “The Obama-I-Couldn’t-Care-Less Act.”  Because less care is what we really can all expect – and the lower you are now on the financial totem pole, the worse it’s going to be for you.

Mark my words.

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