The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

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In addressing the Senate’s passage today of the so-called “Nuclear Option” to allow for a simple majority to have their way, greatly reducing the ability of the minority to object or delay presidential nominations, President Obama referred to “arcane rules” which do not reflect what the Founding Fathers intended when they wrote them.

He who has been described as “The Great Orator” should realize that the idea of a supermajority to pass legislation or confirm appointments is anything but “arcane” – which simply means something that is obscure or known by only a few.  Anyone who knows how the Senate has conducted its business for two centuries understands that it was intended to be the more deliberative branch of the Congress.

After Sen. Majority Harry Reid pushed this through he also gave a press conference.  As you might expect, he (and Obama later) both lauded this rules change as a good thing which will allow that body to fulfill their role in “doing the people’s business.”  The sad truth is that it is not the “people’s business” about which either the senator or the president are concerned – but rather it is advancing the administration’s agenda.

Both Sen. Reid and then Sen. Obama spoke out strongly against going down this road when President Bush was in the White House and Republicans controlled the Congress.  But anyone who has not seen a consistent pattern of this administration’s only enforcing the laws and regulations which fit its political agenda and ignoring those which do not meet their “standards,” is not following the news very closely.

As we are now on the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, there are probably more conspiracy theories than ever about what actually happened that day in Dallas – and we are no closer to knowing the truth.  So in such an environment, I thought I would advance my own conspiracy theory for your consideration.

The subject of my “conspiracy theory”  is very simple.  Will there be a Congressional election in 2014?

If you were to ask most Americans to state what appears in Article 1 – Sections 2 and 3 of the U. S. Constitution which stipulate when the members of the House and Senate shall be elected, I suspect very few could answer correctly.  By Obama’s definition, that makes this fundamental governing document, rather “arcane.”  Actually, I think if you were to ask the majority of Americans the easier question of how often we elect the members of the House and Senate to office you would get a depressingly small number of those who could answer the question correctly.  Lack of information (and lack of concern) are the prime building blocks on which tyrants build their sand castles.

With Obama’s popularity and credibility in serious decline – at the nadir of his term in office – Republicans are poised to make significant gains in next year’s election and might well retake the Senate.  Obamacare, his “signature achievement” is plummeting in free fall and will certainly crash and burn as next year reveals that employers will be dropping insurance coverage for millions and the so-called “savings” which were sold as being a benefit of this law will prove to be premium increases which few want and fewer can afford.  And Republicans will focus on this law to throw those who voted for this nightmare into retirement.

But what if there were no election?  What if there were some sort of “national emergency” which occurred – an outbreak of some virulent disease – or some massive nationwide terrorist attack?  What if Obama declared a state of “martial law?”

Farfetched?  Perhaps.

But it should concern all of us that in the name of “national security” the NSA is collecting our phone calls, emails and texts; that Obamacare whether through malevolent intention or otherwise collects all our personal health information; that the IRS targets the administration’s political opponents; that all sorts of government agencies including Social Security are stocking up on hollow point bullets which are designed to inflict the maximum damage on their targets; that drone aircraft killing machines “may be used against American citizens”; and that we have a person in the White House who is quoted as saying, “He’s pretty good at killing people.”

Our closest allies have severe reservations about the reliability of the United States as a partner and friend.  They are, of course, distant from what happens here – which might enable them more clearly than we, to be able to see both the forest and the trees.

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