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When I was a child, one of my friends invited me to a Birthday Party at her home.  Her parents had hired a man whose name was “Peter Presto-digitato”.  He was a magician.

PP entertained us kids for about a half hour.  He made all sort of things appear out of thin air.  This included coins, bunny rabbits and a scarf that was long enough to have circled the globe at least once.  We were all highly taken with this young man and his command of the supernatural.

There are some who claim that there is no magic – merely misdirection.  Clearly, former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is in that camp – particularly the misdirection part.

The other day, Ms. Pelosi organized a “team photo” shoot of the female members of her caucus on the steps of the Capitol.  Unfortunately, four members of that group were late to the party – and because it was a blustery day in Washington, (when isn’t it at least verbally so), rather than waiting for the late arrivals, the former Speaker authorized the go-ahead to take the picture so that the frail members shouldn’t get too much exposure to the mid-50’s weather.

The photo was published – and then re-published.  Presto digitato, the missing four members were included in the second picture.  Of course, the former Speaker defended this alteration, which I found strange since when we took our Grammar School yearbook pictures, children in the class who might have been ill on the day of the photo shoot were merely listed as being absent.

This is the link to the Yahoo News Story and the two photos.–election.html

Of course, making things appear that weren’t there formerly is not the greatest trick in the world of magic.  Apparently the former Speaker has learned her craft in the same school as Peter Presto-digitato.  But when it comes to the higher forms of the esoteric art, I bow to the great genius of David Copperfield.  He makes things disappear.

I’m thinking about starting a fund to raise money to hire Mr. Copperfield for a special mission.  Does anyone know the former Speaker’s address in California?

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