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It was just another beautiful day in Panama Beach, Florida.  The white sands rapidly filled with young partyers enjoying their spring break festivities.  For some, just hanging out with friends was their idea of a good time.  But that was just for a few.  For the vast majority of the college students, funneling booze down their throats in contests of drinking skill or taking hits from bongs was more the theme of the day.  But for some, even that was not enough.  And that’s when it happened – early in the afternoon after the party goers had become sufficiently drunk and stoned.

A young girl who had passed out, perhaps through conscious choice, perhaps because someone had given her drugs that induced her unconsciousness was raped by three young men as she lay unresponsive on the beach.   As brutal as this animal act by these three thugs was, perhaps even more appalling is that within feet of the rape, ten or fifteen partyers stood around, drinking their drinks and smoking their dope.  And not one of them took time from their self-absorbed enjoyment to do anything to help the young woman being victimized in full view.  Who raised these young people – and what may we expect from them in the future?

As shocking and repulsive as this gross indifference is, perhaps we can chalk this up to youthful immaturity.  That’s a stretch but that’s the best spin I can put on it.  But there is a far deeper, far more pernicious ignoring of this event that took place and that comes from people who are older, presumably wiser and whose responsibility and livelihood is to provide us with the news.  The mainstream media managed largely to ignore this story for three days, FOX News being the sole exception.

Perhaps that is because the three rapists in Panama Beach were black males and the main thrust of the liberal media’s news reporting is to weave a tale about the oppression of minorities in the United States.  It is endemic to the liberal playbook that, despite whatever inconvenient evidence might be at hand, blacks must always be portrayed as victims, not victimizers.  This incident clearly did not meet their criteria – hence the silence, until the outrage beame so loud they could no longer ignore it, finally giving it some token, brief coverage.

In Lueneburg, Germany a man is on trial for things that he did as a young soldier.  Oskar Groening, now a 93 year old white-haired man is accused as an accessory in the mass murder of the 300,000 Jews who were gassed at Auschwitz during a three month period in 1944.  Groening, known as “the accountant” didn’t push the button that activated the lethal poison in the gas chamber.  He was merely responsible for going through the belongings of the soon-to-be-victims as they arrived at the camp and taking any valuables which might have helped the effort of the Third Reich.

According to Groening, he was only present once during one of these mass executions.  In his trial he described how one of his fellow Nazis poured the canister of poison gas that began the mass extermination process for the latest load of “Jewish offal” after the doors to the gas chambers had been shut.  As the gas was released into the death chamber he described the screaming that came from the victims which gradually subsided until the poison took its final effect and all those inside were dead.  He described his attitude at the time as being a “dedicated Nazi.”

“If you are convinced that the destruction of Judaism is necessary, then it no longer matters how the killing takes place,” he said, describing his feelings as a young SS officer.

It took seventy years but Groening now reflects back on his youthful attitude as being “morally corrupt.”  Perhaps there is hope after all for the partyers at Panama Beach that at some point in time they will reflect back on their indifference and reach the same conclusion.

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