The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

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When I first began writing this blog I wanted to offer those who read it something a little bit different – something that they weren’t likely to see elsewhere.  Of course, the stories of the lessons I learned from my family are uniquely mine and have never received any media coverage – so they certainly qualified.  But my main focus was to ask people to think about America and our challenges – and to try to offer some unique solutions.

I try to keep abreast of the news and it astounds me how time after time and day after day there is one story or another about a public official who has gone sexually astray.  The list is so extensive that a person who didn’t know better might think that sexual dalliance is not only common among public officials but might be a bona fide job requirement for holding their position.

There is no doubt that sexuality is one of humanity’s most controlling forces.  And I personally believe that what an individual does with that is between them and their own conscience – unless it adversely affects someone else.  But on the other hand, if an individual is willing to betray the presumed sanctity of his marriage vows and then go home and treat his wife as if nothing happened, it makes me wonder – do you and I have the right to scrutinize that person’s character and make judgments (a word I really dislike) about him as an individual.

I believe that in this case the answer is, “Yes, we the voters do have the right.”  Let me explain my thinking.

Two people in a sexual relationship are about as intimate as I think people can get.  When it is combined in a marital arrangement, it goes beyond passion and takes on the cloak of trust and responsibility and commitment.  Those are good and wonderful things if both parties earnestly try to fulfill their part of the bargain.

But if a person willingly breaks that commitment to the person on earth with whom he shares the deepest intimacy, I cannot help but wonder how seriously he will take his commitment to those who put him in office.  He only has to face us occasionally at the polls – while he has to live his life of deception daily in front of his spouse.

When it comes to voting on that arms contract, if this person can so easily cast aside his marriage vows, why should we not expect that he might also take a bribe or a kick-back from an unscrupulous supplier?  I will admit that writing my earlier post today about the John Edwards trial set me on this path.  I began thinking how I would vote if I happened to be a member of his jury.

To return to my theme of trying to present novel solutions and using my historical background I considered how other great nations and empires had addressed this problem.  Specifically, I thought about the ancient Chinese empires; the Egyptian Dynasties; and the Babylonian Empire.  They shared a common way of dealing with this issue.

In each of these great empires, all of those who served the state in important posts (of course, this was before women’s lib so they were all men) were eunuchs.  This naturally curtailed any skirt-chasing  (or whatever the ancient equivalent name for that was) and allowed these highly trusted individuals to focus on the job for which they were hired.

Of course, today we have an inclusiveness in our society which allows women to hold any of the posts that were previously only available to men.  So in the interest of equity, should we implement the ancient remedy to keep our male advisors on the straight and narrow, it seems only fair to do the same for those ladies who desire to hold elected office.  Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Women who serve the public in office shall not be allowed to use any beautifying enhancements such as lipstick, blush, mascara, rouge, etc.; they shall not be allowed to avail themselves of face-lifts (sorry Nancy P.); they may not engage in any treatments to reduce cellulite and may not purchase clothing that is considered provocative.  (We will, of course, create a Federal agency to implement more specific rules and oversee this whole thing).

I’m planning on submitting this idea to my Congresswoman as soon as I can reach her.  I may have to sell certain parts of this but I am sure that her ears will perk up when she reads about creating a brand new Federal agency.  (She’s a liberal Democrat).

If you think about it, we have so many problems which we seriously need to address that is if this is all it takes to get us back on track, what I am offering is really a very modest proposal.

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