The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

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As fond as I am of citing the guidance which history provides, as U C Berkley burns tonight, I have no intention of mentioning that back in the mid ’60’s, Berkley was the epicenter of the Free Speech Movement. Those days are long gone from this campus and many others around the country, much to the regret of those of us who actually believe in the First Amendment.

Those who are protesting tonight on our left coast no doubt believe “That government is best which governs most.”  Apparently, that only is the case when those in charge of the government are committed to implementing policies which conform to their philosophical outlook.  Otherwise, they would be out picketing and burning effigies of the Democrat senators who are doing all within their power to obstruct the confirmations of President Trump’s cabinet appointments and soon, his nominee to the Supreme Court.

Somewhat predictably, as soon as Judge Gorsuch’s nomination was announced, the mobs assembled outside the Supreme Court denouncing Trump’s choice.  What should be the most telling was that the pre-made signs didn’t have the name of the nominee on them as the choice had been closely guarded.  So the protesters used magic markers to fill in the blank.  In other words, this protest was not about President Trump’s choice but about politics.

As those on the left are unwilling to let politics go – at least until the next election when they can have their say at the ballot box – it would seem prudent for those of us who believe in a full-functioning government to be allowed to go to work solving the many problems that this country faces, I would offer some advice to the newly elected Chairwoman of the RNC, Ronna Romney McDaniel.  Take some of the funds that the RNC has on hand and begin running ads in those states in which there are vulnerable Democrat Senators who will be running for re-election next year, slamming them for their inaction and obstruction.

If the good of the country isn’t sufficient to get them motivated, perhaps preserving their own jobs might get their co-operation.




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