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As I’ve previously written, the phrase “hate crimes” seems to me to be redundant.  Not a lot of crimes are committed out of love – except perhaps in France where crimes of passion are considered to be mitigating in a person’s defense.  Toujours l’amour.  Hmm, as I think about it, perhaps Bill Clinton, Anthony Wiener, Bob Filner and Eliot Spitzer are really French men camouflaging themselves as Americans.  Of course, this list of noted over-libidinous politicians is hardly complete.

But here in America we have decided that some crimes are so bad that they need a special classification – hence, “hate crimes”.

Crimes that are committed where the  motivation is race, homophobia, Islamophobia, are examples of some of those crimes that we categorize as “hate crimes”.  There is no need to detail examples of race crimes as we have Al Sharpton for that.

As to homophobia, even though the classification didn’t exist at the time we have no further to look than Chicago back in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s where Democrat Mayor Richard J. Daley used to encourage the police to raid gay bars on a regular basis.  There was some suspicion that the motivation wasn’t an anti-gay bias as much as a way to increase the local police’s income by shaking down the bar owners for payoffs.

And then we have our pernicious hatred of Muslims which takes its shape in the form of Islamophobia.  Virtually anything that is negative which can be said about Islam – or at least the way in which a significant portion of Muslims practice it – (see Egypt) are carefully overlooked by our media.  Our sensitivity is so deep that our government has deleted phrases such as Islamophobia, jihad and Radical Islam from the government’s internal training and instruction manuals – as though that will make the concepts underlying these terms go away.

If it were that easy, I would actively be campaigning to remove the word Obama from those same documents.

Returning to the country of Egypt for a moment, I know that you’ve heard that there is something going on there akin to a civil war because even President Obama took time out from his active golfing schedule to spend a few minutes yesterday to comment on the subject.

In his brief comments, Obama chided both sides and advised that they should set down their arms and talk with each other.  Great advice – unless you’ve seen any of the footage of what is happening in Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt.  It’s very hard to get people who have opposing views to sit down and deal with their differences rationally.  It’s impossible to expect that sort of conciliatory attitude when you’re dealing with a mob.

If you haven’t been keeping up with developments in Egypt, the civil war which is raging essentially pits the interim, military-backed government against those who think of themselves as part of the Muslim Brotherhood.  They’re the group who are the embryonic form of political association that transforms itself into things like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.  (You’ll remember first hearing about them if you flip back to 9/11/01).

They’re the group in which Huma Abedin (Mrs. Anthony Wiener), Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, was raised and whose mother is an active member.

They’re also the people who have burned 39 Coptic Christian churches in Egypt – a fact that was omitted from the coverage that I saw on CNN and CBS and NBC (although NBC did mention that “a few” churches had been burned in the riots).

Coptic Christians, with about a ten percent representation in the total Egyptian population are certainly a minority.  They are being specifically targeted by the Muslim Brotherhood since they are, after all, infidels and their places of worship are being destroyed in this effort.

With over 2000 mosques in America, you and I both know the outrage that would ensue if one of those were targeted and damaged or destroyed.  The immediate outcry would, of course, include the term “hate crime”.  So why is there so little outrage about the plight of Coptic Christians among those in the administration and those who report the “news”?

I’m not sure what the answer to that rhetorical question is – but the phrase “double standard” comes to mind.



Divide and conquer – it’s an old military strategy.  Focus on segmenting an opponent’s armies and then overpower the parts with superior force thus gaining victory.  It has worked for the millennia in which mankind has ceaselessly engaged in war.  And the reverse works equally as well.

If an army or a nation pits one part of itself against the other, we not only open the door but encourage others to overwhelm us.  And we are engaged in just that process here and now in America.

If there is one singular reason that I hope that President Obama serves only one term as President it is because of his philosophy of characterizing Americans not as a people but as multiple distinct groups – and because his strategy for re-election and perhaps governing, is to pit these groups against each other.

Sadly, among the world of American politicians, President Obama is not alone.

Enter U. S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R) MN and her recent charges that a congressman from her state, Rep. Keith Ellison (D) MN has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  And she further alleges that the Secretary of State’s aide, Huma Abedin is involved with that organization.  Congresswoman Bachmann believes it is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow the government of the United States.

We would all agree that any organization with that goal is something that we should vigorously oppose.  And we should certainly not want people whose purpose was to overthrow the government to be in positions of power within it.

But I can’t help wonder – what is it about several of our northern-most states that creates a Michelle Bachmann or a Senator Joseph McCarthy?  I admire their fervor but wish that it were directed in positive ways.

There are laws in this land about making specious and false accusations about others which are without basis or fact.  It’s called slander.  And the Congresswoman should know this as one of our elected representatives.  So if she has evidence, by all means bring that to light.  Otherwise, be silent and do the right thing which is to apologize to those whom she has wronged.

If you are not familiar with the famous exchange between Joseph P. Welch, defending one of his attorneys who was accused of being a communist, from the attack which Senator McCarthy launched against him, you would do yourself a service by watching this video:

You may remember that Congresswoman Bachmann briefly was a contender for the Republican nomination for president.  The members of that party, in view of her recent behavior, made a wise choice in rejecting her candidacy.

We need leaders in this country who can provide hope and guidance and who understand that “A house divided will not stand.”  Ms. Bachmann has shown that she is not of that stature.

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