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I seldom begin a piece with a video, but this scene from “Trading Places” will set the stage for the balance of this post.  (Please pardon the vulgarity – but I was not in charge of writing the script).

If you remember this movie (one of my favorites despite the misrepresentations about how the commodities markets really work), you might remember this scene.  What is omitted from the video is that after Eddie Murphy realizes that the guests at his party are taking advantage of his largesse, the butler, played by Denholm Elliott says to him, “These people are not your friends, sir.”

Would you consider a friend a person who thought that he was justified in stealing from you?

Would you consider a friend a person who thought that lying to you was not only acceptable but laudable if it served his purpose?

Would you consider a friend a person who thought that murdering you was not only something that would be forgiven but was a righteous act on his part?

Would you consider a friend a person who believed he had every right to ridicule your faith but had the right to exterminate you for criticizing his?

Would you consider your friend a person who subscribes to Islam?

Let me be clear that I am not writing this post to be critical of anyone else’s religion.  But Islam is not a religion – rather it is a political ideology.

The Prophet Mohammed (Blessed be his name) spent thirteen years in preaching the faith he had received from Allah.  He had 150 converts at the end of this effort.

He then went from Mecca to Medina (where the second version of the Koran was written).  The Koran of Mecca which regarded other faiths inclusively was supplanted by the the Koran of Medina – in which non-believers were depicted as lower than dirt and it was the duty of the faithful to destroy them.  And they did.

Islam, the faith had failed.  But Islam the political ideology had gained precedence and it truly succeeded.  It swept over the Arabian peninsula and extended it’s grip to Anatolia, north Africa and tried to make inroads in Europe.  It left a swath of devastation and death in its path.   And it abolished all remnants of the cultures it subsumed.

If you are not an adherent of Islam, those who subscribe to its doctrines are not your friends.

Those in the Western world who are apologists for the Islamic philosophy are not only misguided but as foolish as Clement Atlee when he engaged in his appeasement of Hitler by ceding the Sudetenland to him.  (Hitler was greatly admired in the Islamic community for his vision of exterminating the Jews).

We in America are privileged to have, for the moment, a Constitution which protects our rights to belief or disbelief in a Supreme Being.  No such freedom of choice exists within countries that have adopted Islamic Sharia law.

There is in Islam no greater edict than following the example of the prophet Mohammed (Blessed be his name).  Nor is there a greater sin than blaspheming against him.  (Blaspheming against Allah bears nowhere near the same consequence or retribution).  And it is for that reason that I view Islam not as a religion but as a political movement.

So what does the doctrine of political Islam teach us?

First and foremost, that we are to accept every tenet and every doctrine of Islam without question and are to emulate the example set for us by Mohammed (Blessed be his name).  We are to pattern our lives after his life.

Thus it is not only acceptable but correct to marry girls who are only six years old and have sexual relations with them when they reach eight.

That women have only half the worth of men.

That men may have multiple wives and an unlimited number of concubines but women must remain chaste in devotion to their husbands.

That we will be forgiven for the murder of three of our co-religionists during our lifetime.

That killing as many Kaffirs (heathens) as possible is the path to Paradise.  The more the better.

Setting aside the question of whether your are a member of a religious group or not, most of us have a “Western mindset” which is based on Judaeo-Christian principles.  We believe it is wrong to lie, to steal or to murder others in our society.  That is the reason that when people commit these acts they make news and we are shocked at how they have violated the social contract that we think of as normal.  No such mindset exists within the world of Islamic Sharia law.

I would have thought that those in Washington who are apologists for this alternative political agenda would have read and perhaps even understood a history book or two.  But I realize that my expectations may well have been misguided.

Instead, we have self-deprecating statements coming out of the Administration regarding events like those that occurred in Libya.  “It is all the fault of the nasty video portraying the prophet Mohammed (Blessed be his name) in a derogatory if, historically accurate, way.

The values I hold – and which you probably do as well – have no relevance to the political philosophy of Islam.  The Koran of Mecca – that we each of us have a right to co-exist in a peaceful manner is not the scripture which guided  Islam on 9/11 nor of those who wish to eradicate the “pigs” who live in Israel and, by extension, those Kaffirs who live anywhere else.

It is essential that those in authority get a grip on the reality of what the Western world is facing and take a long hard look at their apologetics, seeing them for what they are.  Nothing more than what the Byzantine emperors attempted to do in buying off the invaders with silver and gold – a strategy which ultimately failed

While we may love our enemies we should also guard ourselves carefully in our dealings with them.  Those who follow the political doctrine of Islam are not our friends.  And they never will be.

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