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If you haven’t read the letter that USN retired Chief Boatswain’s Mate, Harold B. Estes wrote several years ago to the CINC you have missed a sincerely committed veteran’s view of what we need to do to get our ship of state back afloat.

Mr. Estes wrote this letter in 2009 as he was approaching the age of 95.  He passed away last year on May 11th.

The attached link to which verified the letter’s provenance and authenticity is well worth every American’s read this Memorial Day.


Sometimes we forget the real meaning of the holidays that we celebrate.

Memorial Day, while it may be a time for barbecuing and getting together with friends and families, is the day we have set aside to commemorate and remember all those Americans who have fallen in battle in all the wars in which this nation has been engaged.

It is a time where each of us who have benefited from their sacrifice should take at least a moment to acknowledge their lives and their deaths.

I can think of no more evocative piece of music that captures that sacrifice than Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man.”  I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

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