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Last Thursday, the seventeen announced candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination responded to a hard and probing set of questions posed by FOX News anchors.  By my account, most of those participating acquitted themselves well in the exchange.  Frankly, while there are several of these candidates whom I would prefer, I have not come to any decision yet as to whom I will support in the Nevada caucus that will take place early next year.

One of the most extraordinary statements to my way of thinking, came not from the debate itself but as a response to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D – NY) statement that he will not support the Obama/Kerry Iran “deal”.  The comment came from former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who himself opposes this deal and praised Schumer’s abandoning the president’s camp calling the New York senator, “statesmanlike”.

Personally, I like Governor Huckabee.  He projects an image of honesty but I am a little put off by the enshrouding wrapper of religiosity.  Perhaps that’s a matter more of style than substance – but it’s one characteristic which places him in my lower tier of candidates based on the rampant “humanistic” world view held by a large number of American voters thus making me question his electability.’

Perhaps it’s because Governor Huckabee himself is an honest person that he made his statement of praise for Sen. Schumer, believing that the man who is likely to be the next leader for his caucus after Reid’s ‘retirement” was sincere in his heartfelt opposition to the Iran deal.  But that is, in my view, an expression of naiveté on the Governor’s part.  As partisan as present Minority Leader Reid is, Schumer is amply qualified to fill his shoes.  He is not a statesman but the consummate politician.

There is no doubt that Schumer was pressured into his position because of the amount of opposition from his Jewish constituency who clearly see Iran as a threat to the state of Israel.  And his decision has reliably evoked the outcry from the far left who would support Obama if he declared himself Emperor and who believe Schumer’s decision makes him unqualified to be the Democrat Senate Leader of the next Congress, a position to which he is likely to ascend.

Before Schumer made his statement, I have no doubt that was preceded by extensive conversations with members of his caucus to be certain that there were enough sheep-like Democrat senators who would hold together and refuse to override a veto from Obama if the Congress turns down the deal, which seems likely.  So Schumer momentarily accepts the abuse of the far left as part of the drama which is the Washington Waltz.  He appears “statesmanlike” while knowing that his vote is irrelevant.

If Schumer is truly a “leader” he will exert all his influence to convince members of his caucus that his, not the president’s position, on the Iran deal is correct.  That the deal is a danger not only to Israel but to the United States and the civilized world.  That’s a very big if – one that I sincerely doubt will happen.

And as to Governor Huckabee – I have to question a person’s ability to lead what’s left of the Free World if he is so easily scammed by one of Washington’s most adept, adroit and duplicitous politicians.

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