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What do football and wealthy liberal donors have in common?  Apparently, not very much.

You may remember the controversy that was roiled up over the name of the NFL’s Washington Redskins team.  Outcries of racism surfaced faster than videos of MIT professor Jonathan Gruber calling the American people “stupid” for buying into the lies that were used to pass Obamacare.

The outrage extended to the highest levels of our elected government with soon-to-be-former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spearheading the effort in writing a letter (co-signed by many colleagues with a similar limited mental capacity) demanding that the team’s name be changed.  Fortunately, because the good senator had altered the Senate’s rules, no filibuster on the content of the letter was permitted.

This issue, of course, superseded the need to vote on any of the 340 bills that the House had sent to the Senate and which are presently accumulating dust somewhere in that upper chamber (possibly in violation of an EPA regulation regarding the permissible amount of dust that may be accumulated before it constitutes a health hazard).  It is likely that OSHA may soon weigh in on this matter as well.

So what does this manufactured “controversy” have to do with liberal donors?  We know that liberals, being liberals, have etched into their DNA an inherent abhorrence of racism in any form and are dedicated to stomping it out wherever it rears its ugly head.

This week the Democracy Alliance, a coalition of well-heeled liberal donors dedicated to electing leftists in state and national office got together to discuss strategy going forward to the 2016 elections.  The meeting took place in Washington, D. C. – at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, an extremely attractive property and one of the city’s finest.

Stop.  Did no one tell these self-styled do-gooders that “Oriental” is a pejorative term and is denigrating to Asians?  It has been officially deleted from the PC Handbook and no longer exists as a word.  And there they are, patronizing what obviously is a racist hotel.

Hopefully the reality of the situation may have dawned on some of these contributors and, if they decided to hook up for a little afternoon delight, they booked themselves into a Motel 6.


Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) must be credited with some long term vision.  It may surprise my regular readers to hear me say that as I am not normally very complimentary to the man from Searchlight, NV who is one of the primary obfuscators in the upper chamber.  Heck – in any chamber.

Leader Reid, together with his House counterpart, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi were instrumental in crafting the behind closed door deal that gave the nation that wonderful law, affectionately known as Obamacare.  Perhaps we forget that the Leader’s soft spoken demeanor belies his high school background as a boxer.  In fact, he got elected Lieutenant Governor of the Silver State on the same ticket as his former boxing coach and mentor.

Giving credit where credit is due, the passage of Obamacare was a master stroke of political genius and persuasion.  There were no dissenting votes for the law from the Democrat side of the aisle – either in the House or the Senate.  And while the fact that the members who were kept in line by the respective Whips in those two bodies might not have bothered to read it, they nevertheless voted for it.

Unfortunately, the law apparently had a few problems woven into its fabric.  Please do not take this  as a partisan disparagement of the law.  The president apparently feels the same way as he has unilaterally changed various of its provisions on thirty-five separate occasions (at least as of a few days ago).  That most recent change (billed by the HHS Secretary as an “accommodation”) was to extend the final, final (we really mean final) deadline for enrollment in the law from March 31st – to April 15th (or thereabouts).

This comes less than a week after three separate government officials including the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, said that March 31st date was final and absolute.  One spokeswoman for HHS even stated that “her department had no statutory authority to alter that date.”  But such things as following the law as written has never stood in the way of this administration so we shouldn’t take this latest “accommodation” to come as a surprise.

So who are we “accommodating” with this most recent extension?  Well, in the words of Leader Reid, “There are people who (unlike his grandchildren) aren’t very internet savvy and they need some extra time to be able to complete the application process.”  I wonder if IRS would accept that as an excuse for people who either filed their tax returns late or just gave up because they couldn’t understand how to complete them.  In other words, we, the American people are just not that bright.

But to return to the Leader’s long-term vision.

Obamacare (in whatever form one might find it today – but, wait – tomorrow’s version might well be different) – is an albatross hanging on the necks of those who blindly voted for it – to wit, those Democrats who are up for election this November.  As it happens, there are far more vulnerable Democrat senators (all of whom voted to pass this law) than there are Republicans whose seats are up for grabs.  And the current betting it that the Republicans (should they manage to avoid their well-orchestrated strategy of shooting themselves in the foot) might very well take over the Senate.  That would, of course, consign Leader Reid to the back bench as simply another minority senator hack.

So I figure, though he would never admit it publicly, that Sen. Reid might see the handwriting on the wall.  And to that end, he is going on record with as many absurd, foolish and downright insulting statements as he can while he still has the power of the mike and thinks there are people who will listen to him.

All of this is in preparation for his autobiography which, (I have this from an exclusive source which I will not reveal – a là the Senator’s own habit of making statements) will be entitled “The Book of Dumb.”  It should be a gut buster of hilarity.

But the senator’s most recent implication that the American people might not be all that bright and therefore we need to give them extra time to navigate around the Obamacare website might have a grain of truth to it.  After all – we elected him.


If we are to judge by the statements that come out of Majority Leader Harry Reid’s mouth it is easy to conclude that advancing age and stupidity are not mutually exclusive.  Once again Sen. Reid showed his lack of sensitivity (and intelligence) when he went on Nevada Public Radio and proclaimed, “I hope, I really hope that their (Republicans) attempt to undermine this president is based on objections to his policies and not that he is African-American.”

Give it up Senator Reid.  I mean your seat in the Senate.  Go home to your lovely community of Searchlight, NV, replete with its 95% white population where less than 1% of the residents are African-American.  Spending time in Washington, D. C. must come as a real assault on your sense of color.

It would be useful if the senator had the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of those in our black community who have made it in American society.  Many of those chose not to vote for Barack Obama in 2008 – and of those who did, they saw the havoc that this person was bringing on the country and did not repeat their mistake four years later.

From the standpoint of those who are successful blacks, perhaps the greatest objection to the Obama administration is that this man has single-handedly undone much of the work that we achieved in the 1960’s in the civil rights movement.  We gave back the gains that we all achieved thanks to the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King – the dream of equality and becoming productive members of an integrated society.

And Senator Reid, you and your white liberal friends are the ones who have pushed and shoved for greater and bigger and more extensive programs to help out poor blacks.  The predication of all these efforts is the underlying assumption that black Americans are inherently inferior and unable to take care of themselves.  I believe that is the definition of racism.

No, Senator Reid, the objection of Republicans to President Obama’s administration is not based on his color – but on the caliber of his character – and more importantly his track record.

He has yet to put forward any program to which we could turn and say, “Well, at least that one worked.”

Solyndra, bail outs, stimulus program(s), a lousy economy, nearly doubling the number of food stamp recipients, increasing the national debt by the largest amount of any president, constant vacations, a hostile and imperious attitude towards those who call him out on his failures, alienation of our closest and longest-standing allies, failure to stand up to those who are our declared enemies, allowing government agencies, the NSA, IRS to serve his political agenda, failure to protect our citizens in Benghazi, the train wreck that is Obamacare – all these speak to a person who is weak, lacks vision, has no sense of decency and is simply unworthy to hold the position to which he was elected.

If that isn’t sufficient reason for Republicans (or any objective American) to oppose the Obama administration, I can’t imagine what would be.  It’s not a matter of color – it’s a matter of character.


In an interview with Rep. Charles B. (“Charlie”) Rangel  (D NY 15th District), CNBC co-hosts Bill Griffeth and Maria Bartiromo got very little new information regarding the discussions on the “fiscal cliff” from the 82 year old congressman.  Ms. Bartiromo suggested, in much the way the Roman Catholic Church’s College of Cardinals deals with electing a new Pope that, “they should lock them all in a room until they work out a deal.”

The two anchors went on to observe that the parties involved seemed to be talking past rather than with each other.  It was obvious that the amount of non-information which Rep. Rangel and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had provided earlier was frustrating – which led Ms. Bartiromo to utter the quote of the day:

“Why are we paying these people?”

Now that’s a question for the ages.

Rep. Rangel has been a long term representative of the district seat that was formerly held by Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. who spent more time at his place on the island of Bimini than in the House of Representatives where he might have done some good for his Harlem constituents.

Rep. Rangel has had his own problems.  Beginning in 2008 he came under investigation by the House Ethics Committee which focused on his improperly renting rent-stabilized apartment units he owned and for failing to report income he received in renting out his villa in the Dominican Republic.

Because of the investigation, in 2010 he was forced to resign his Chairmanship of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.  (That’s the one that determines who and how much taxes we are all going to pay).  He was convicted on 11 of these charges and the full House approved a “sanction of censure” against the Congressman.  (N.B.  The Congressman never vacated his seat owing to these convictions and was again re-elected to another term in the November 6th election).

With people of this moral caliber integrally involved in the question of taxation and reducing spending, is it any wonder that we are at the precipice of a financial disaster?  Is there anyone out there who does not now understand why our official debt now stands at $16 Trillion?  Is there any rational person who would dispute Ms. Bartiromo’s question:

“Why are we paying these people?”

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