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Daughter and MotherDAD

I’m taking a momentary break from talking about serious things.  Seriously.  Every now and then, as a matter of trying to insure some modest degree of mental health, it’s time to turn to the lighter side of things – and I’ve put up the above pictures to let you know how I’m going to try to achieve that.

If you’ve been following for awhile you will remember that in late November and early December I talked about losing my wonderful golden retriever, Spenser.  You may also remember a post entitled, “Do Dogs Shed Tears?” in which I spoke of going to the dog park with Gracie and the excitement she exhibited when she saw a man come in with three golden retrievers.  This was only a few days after Spenser’s passing.

As it turned out I got to know these dogs’ human companion and got to know his charges.  Recently, Barry their companion-person went out of town to spend some time with his brother in Florida.  So yesterday morning he transferred temporary custody of the three, a father, mother and daughter to me.  Gracie and I get to enjoy their company until St. Patrick’s day.

The left photo shows daughter Kali and her mother Bebe.  (There are supposed to be accents agues above the e’s in Bebe’s name but I’ll be darned if I can figure out how to get them there.  Those of you who enjoyed the post “On Imagination” can exercise your imagination to place them in their appropriate place).  The photo on the right is a shot of Bubba who is the dad.  What a delightful collection of wonderful goldens.

I am so grateful that Gracie has the soul of an angel.  I think that she is still a bit uncertain what they are doing here, but she hasn’t demonstrated that other than looking a tiny bit confused.  She has certainly not exhibited any antipathy to our three guests – even allowing them to eat from her food bowl.  She truly has a generous heart and a gracious manner.  (Well, Gracie is one-quarter golden retriever so I would expect nothing less).

All three of our guests exhibit that which I have always known about golden retrievers.  They are simply the most wonderful, loving creatures who have no guile and are thrilled with the slightest acknowledgement, a gratuitous pat or hug.  Ah, simplicity – what a joy!

While mom and dad took to me immediately as we met them on more occasions at the dog park, daughter Kali was a little more reserved.  Barry, her companion person said that she is a little “shy”.  But she is coming around.

Last night at bedtime – our first night that we all spent together, as usual Gracie got into bed in her usual place.  As I got into bed and turned out the lights a few minutes went by and all of a sudden there were three of us in bed.  I was surprised that it was Kali – and when Gracie and I awoke in the morning I found that she was still lying next to me.

What can I say?  I must be doing something right.

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