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Today is a “Red Letter Day.”  You’ve probably heard that expression but may not know its origins.

During the Dark and Middle Ages, the Church was primarily responsible for preserving what knowledge there was.  It was the monastics of those times who painstakingly copied the accumulated wisdom of Western Europe.

Of course, many of these were Church documents such as the Roman Missal.  The Missal was the delineation of the Feasts and Fasts that the Church observed through the liturgical year.  This included the days on which those whom the Church recognized as saints were remembered in the liturgy and in the Divine Office.

Very few saints are observed more than once in the course of the liturgical year – normally on the day of their death (their re-birth into a new life in Heaven).  One of those who is observed twice is St. John the Baptist – and today is the day of his Nativity, June 24th.

In order to make certain that the reader of the Roman Missal could not fail to note days of great importance, the monks inscribed the beginning letter of solemn and important feasts in red ink – hence our term, “Red Letter Day.”

As you know, John the Baptist met his death because he refused to renounce his principles and is the inspiration for today’s (Not Yet) Famous Quote:

“Hatred destroys the person harboring it, long before it ruins it’s intended victim.”

– Juwannadoright


“If there is a reason more people do not speak their mind it is that they are desparately trying to find it.”

– Juwannadoright


A few days ago at our afternoon outing at the dog park, Gracie and I met up with several of the regulars whom we see there.  As usual, Jade who is a thirty-five pound mixed breed rescue dog saw me and came over, jumped up on her hind legs, resting her front paws on my knees and I bent down so that she might administer the obligatory and enthusiastic face-licking.

She and Gracie get along well – but I wouldn’t describe them as pals.  Their common bond is me and I think that Jade must have heard the expression, “The friend of a friend is my friend.”

As it turned out that particular outing, a new dog was introduced into the mix.  He was a puppy about ten months old and was very exuberant in his wanting to play.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t yet acquired the social grace of understanding the difference between “play” and “aggressive play”.  For whatever reason he decided that Gracie was the apple of his eye and he was going to “play” with her  – whether she wanted to or not.

At first, Gracie was content simply eluding him as she could easily outrun him.   Being the lady that she is, she thought that should be sufficient to let this puppy know she really had no interest in playing with him.  The newcomer was not in the least deterred and would come up to her and grab hold of her lengthy head hair and pull down on this.  She was patient with him – but she was clearly annoyed by this behavior.

She came over and lay down next to me as I sat on the grass.  The intruder was not put off by this but continued to pull at the hair on her ears – doing so hard enough to cause her to yelp.  At that point I loosened his teeth from her ear and shooed him away.  But he returned and continued to bite at Gracie’s leg.

Then our mutual friend, Jade began observing the goings-on.  When the puppy again attacked Gracie she got in the act.  She ran over to the puppy who was fifty percent heavier than she and got right in his face and began barking furiously at him to stop.  She was defending the friend of her friend from further attack.

The puppy, with my encouragement, finally released his grip and wandered off.  Gracie looked at me gratefully – and Jade came up to me for a second face licking and I gave her a big hug for her devotion to the both of us.

This led me to think of this week’s (Not Yet) Famous Quote:

“We humans could learn a great deal about fidelity and friendship by observing the actions of our companion dogs.”

– Juwannadoright


All of us have a need for some sort of recognition – although the term I prefer is affirmation.  Our lives should mean something.  At least I think so.

As a result of my frail human need for approbation, I’ve decided to embark on a personal project.  That is to make up one quotation per week which I hope will be sufficiently memorable that my readers will want to repeat it (though I am sure they will say – who said that)?

So here’s the quote for Week One:

“Knowledge is the inevitable result of sticking around long enough – and in the process mostly keeping your mouth shut and your ears, eyes and mind open.”

– Juwannadoright

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