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Dear Attorney General Holder:

I have chosen to write this letter to you as a blog post rather than as a traditional letter as I expect that it is the quickest way for it to come to your attention.

I am calling on you to reject the cries of “outrage” which are stemming, primarily from some of the most extreme members of the American black community.  I read yesterday that Al Sharpton is staging “rallies” in 100 cities across America this coming Saturday to pressure you and the DOJ into bringing charges against George Zimmerman, now that he has been acquitted of the criminal complaint of murder.

As it is you and your department to whom we look to enforce all the laws of this country fairly and evenly, I believe that rather than honor these calls to revenge by prolonging this unfortunate tragedy, you do the right thing for the nation and offer Mr. Zimmerman and his entire family entry into something akin to the “Witness Protection Program” – which we might call the “Innocent Protection Program.”

Whether or not we agree with the findings and verdict of the Florida jury, it is what it is and Mr. Zimmerman is, under law, a man innocent of murdering Trayvon Martin.  Surely you know that better than I.

The basis for my making this suggestion is simple.  We have worked for countless years in this country to bring equality to the land.  We have created the EEOC to make sure that minorities were not the subject of discriminatory practices by employers.  We have given minorities preference in job placement and in university admissions in order to level the playing field for all Americans.  And it is consistent with those principles that we protect Mr. Zimmerman and his family because they are currently under threat by a racist lynch mob – and Mr. Zimmerman is a member of a minority group – to my knowledge the only one of his kind.  It apparently has been determined that he is a White Hispanic-American.

I realize that in holding this view, I am probably in the minority – but then I am used to that.  But I have tried to live my life in such a way that my views were formed not by what was currently popular but, rather by what is eternally truthful.

I am reminded of another person who held that view, a woman by the name of Rosa Parks, who stood her ground and refused to bend to a law that was mean-spirited in its birth and malicious in its enforcement.  I remember how her refusal to vacate a bus seat sparked a revolution toward fairness for all Americans of whatever color.

I hope that you remember her story and that like her, you do the right and moral thing, rather than the politically expedient one.

While I am not certain under which Federal statute you might base a decision to protect Mr. Zimmerman and his family, I am sure that there Is something on the books which would cover this situation.  Not being a lawyer I might suggest that if nothing else, you might look toward “The Endangered Species Act,” as a possibility.  But, of course, you would know best.

Like many of us who take a logical view of things, I appreciated the President’s statement after the jury had entered its verdict.  As we all know, he is a wonderful speaker.  I only wish his statement, rather than merely urging all Americans to be calm had been more forceful.

If he had something like, ‘America is a nation of laws.  The law tried Mr. Zimmerman and a jury of his peers found him to be innocent.  That is a verdict with which we may or may not agree but under our laws George Zimmerman is innocent and that’s the end of the conversation.  Move on, go about your business and put this behind you.”  Well, if he had said that, I probably wouldn’t be writing this letter and Al Sharpton would be out looking for a new issue to create.

Mr. Holder, you are an educated man – an example of what a person, irrespective of color can become if he is willing to work hard and do what is necessary to succeed.  So I ask that you set a personal example for the black community and do the morally correct thing for the Zimmerman family by placing them under the protection of the United States of America.

Thank you for taking your time to read this letter.  I look forward to your decision in this matter.



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