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By now you know, or at least should, that Maj. Nidal Hasan is being tried for his involvement in murdering thirteen soldiers and an unborn child at Ft.. Hood.  After four years of continuing to collect his salary (approaching $300,000 that we have paid him); preparation of his special halal meals – at four times the cost of what we spend to feed those who guard him; paying for his medical expenses; and the cost of about $5 MM to prepare for his trial, we taxpayers have run up a small tab.

Of course, this is merely chump change in view of the big picture that has all of us on the hook for nearly $17 Billion.

Over the weekend another story broke – this time in Michigan.  Apparently an oncologist/hematologist by the name of Dr. Farid Fata  is accused of bilking Medicare out of $35 MM for services which he never provided.  (The amount of fraud could have gotten even bigger but because of the lack of speed with which Medicare pays its providers, another $50 MM had not been sent out to the good doctor).  There is something to be said for government inefficiency.

Now what struck me was the similarity between these two men.  They are both doctors – in Hasan’s case a psychiatrist.  They are both of Middle Eastern ethnicity.  And they appear, at least to my untrained eye, to look as though they might be twins.  Below are pictures of the two – in Hasan’s case the one shown was taken before the Army decided that, not to offend his Muslim sensitivities and have him conform to the Army’s clean-shaven standards, they would allow him to grow a beard.


Dr. Farid Fata

Well, maybe it’s just me.  You know, all those Middle Easterners look alike to me.  But I was thinking that in what appears to be a defense strategy on Maj. Hasan’s part of essentially not having a defense, he might pull a ringer out of his bag and claim to be Dr. Fata.

In today’s America, anything is possible – and likely to happen.

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