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When I first started this blog in October life was so much simpler.  I viewed this as a way to express my views and to hear yours and there wasn’t much effort required for me to add a post or two a day.  Well, we’ve progressed and I’ve found many of you have interesting viewpoints about which I want to hear – so I’ve subscribed to your blogs.  And thank you to those who have subscribed to mine.

Last week I had a number of “non-blogging” things to do – and so I turned my attention away from my blog and didn’t check the newly created email address which receives notifications about comments and likes and notifications about new publications for my subscriptions to your blogs.  Egad!

Sunday afternoon I thought that I would catch up – only to discover that I had over 785 new emails to review.  I think that unwittingly I have now created a new part-time or perhaps full-time job for myself.

I have begun making my way through this phantasmagoric number of communiqués and have whittled it down by more than half.  I am guessing that it will take me a week to catch up with the old and deal with the new ones that are sure to be coming.

So I apologize to those of you who have loyally commented on my posts.  You deserve the same recognition and I wanted to let you know that I try to read and digest everything you put in your posts and to give some thought to your musings before I attempt a response.  This takes time – and although I no longer have to point at the words and sound them out, Evelyn Wood would probably require that I take a make-up course.

Just thought I should let you know.

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