The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

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The discontent with Washington is at fever pitch throughout the country.  The opprobrium falls almost equally on members of both parties – as it should.  With small, yet significant differences, those whom we elect to positions of power have created for themselves an environment which is privileged, at the expense of those who elected them to their posts.

In part this is the fault of our Founding Fathers.  They had an inherent sense that service in government would be motivated by a sincere motivation for service to the nation.  They viewed those who volunteered for this service would do so at great personal cost to themselves.  Therefore, they reasonably assumed that a person would serve in office for only a limited time and then return to his normal profession.  Based on this rationale, they neglected nor did they see a need to include any provision for term limits in our Constitution.

When we speak of Washington we used to think that referred to the power brokers who occupied only the White House and the Congress.  We looked at them and hoped that our third branch of government, the Supreme Court would correct any imbalances which might evolve between the other two branches.  But the way the court has been structured one lone, unelected Justice has as much, if not more power, than those who are elected by the people by casting a decisive swing vote in issues which has the effect of making law for decades into the future.

Similarly, the Washington establishment has gone on to include many more than those elected by the people.  The bureaucracy created by lawmakers and presidents has become one of the largest employers in the country.  It operates with its own set of rules and regulations for self-administration which make them unaccountable to the taxpayers as they are the court of their peers and never rule against themselves when delivering a verdict.  It is virtually impossible for a Federal employee to get fired, even if the cause for their removal is obvious to anyone with common sense.  That has only gotten worse with the unionization of growing numbers of these bureaucrats.

When you consider the amount of the nation’s wealth that is self-appropriated by the political establishment and its minions, I believe that we should replace our word “bureaucracy” in describing them with the more apt term, “kleptocracy,” defined as, “A form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often with pretense of honest service.”  If that doesn’t describe our present situation, then what does?

Perhaps you may not consider creating regulations so that people can have jobs enforcing those regulations as theft, but I do.

Perhaps you may not consider handing out sweetheart deals to political contributors as theft, but I do.

Perhaps you may not consider wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on ridiculous studies that have no possible value as theft, but I do.

Perhaps you may not consider benefits packages which are far superior to those available in the private sector and having the taxpayer fund them as theft, but I do.

Whether or not you’ve ever heard the word before, I bet you can say kleptocracy.  And I know you can say Washington, D. C.

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