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Several years from now in America …

Due to the full implementation of Obamacare many medical professionals have either emigrated or left the practice of medicine.  As a result, even candy stripers are being pressed into service to perform some of the more mundane tasks with regard to patients and their needs.  What follows is a story about them.

Three very young nurses’ aides were in the hospital hallway awaiting their next assignment.  The senior ward nurse asked if they were familiar with prepping a patient for surgery.  “Mr. Robbins in Room 207 Bed 7 is due to undergo abdominal surgery in several hours and needs to be shaved before the procedure.”  All three of the young ladies said they had received training and one of them, Jeanine volunteered to prepare the patient.

Jeanine went in to Mr. Robbins’ ward.

Several minutes went by and Jeanine came out of the room and was blushing.  Her two friends asked what had caused her embarrassment.  She said, “When I was preparing Mr. Robbins, I couldn’t help but notice that on his “member” he had a tattoo.  It said, “Shorty.”  When I saw it I could hardly stop from laughing and I thought before I broke out into a guffaw I should leave the room.

Her two co-workers thought it was ridiculous that any man would choose to have a tattoo placed there so a second aide, Marta said she would take over for Jeanine and finish the job.

After several minutes in the room Marta came out, her face as red as Jeanine’s.

Jeanine said, “See, didn’t I tell you?  His tattoo says ‘Shorty’.”

Marta said,  “Well no it doesn’t.  Mr. Robbins got a little bit excited and I saw the full tattoo.  It says, “Shorty’s Bar.”  Jeanine’s eyes widened but the third young woman, Alicia didn’t believe any of it and thought her two friends were playing a joke on her.  So she decided to see for herself.

She went into Mr. Robbins’ room and in a few minutes stumbled back through the door and passed out on the floor.  When she was revived, her two friends asked her what happened.

Alicia, still gasping for breath said, “Girls, the tattoo actually reads, ‘Shorty’s Bar And Grill, Albuquerque, New Mexico’.”

I thought I would offer you a laugh to begin this post because what follows is anything but funny.  It is the story of how nationalized health really works when services are rationed.  It is the story of future medical “care” in the United States.


Following is a story about the “Liverpool Care Pathway.”  I was shocked when I read the article and would advise that it will be disturbing to those who are sensitive and might feel queasy reading about the way medical practitioners in the UK “euthanize” new born infants.

I became aware of this because of a re-blogged post I saw on  This blogger has helped broaden my perspective by offering a European view of the world and is a follower of mine and vice versa.

Before clicking on the link below to the story, let me repeat that this is not something that the faint of heart will want to read – as much as it needs to be read by all of us in America because I believe this will be our future under Obamacare.  Please understand that is not a political statement – it is a logical one.

Incidentally, this same procedure for ending the lives of elderly patients is followed as well.

I am not one of those single issue people whose lives revolve around Pro-Life or Pro-Choice issues.  I have clearly stated my position on the subject in many posts and explained my reasoning.  Some of you agree and others do not.  I respect your right to hold your opinion whatever it is.

I see abortion as a subset of a far deeper and more dangerous philosophy.

As I have cautioned, when we are willing to trivialize life (even the potential of life as in the case of an embryo), it is a short step for us to lose perspective of our humanity and to engage in the practices that the story describes.

I celebrate life in all its forms, human or animal or vegetable and even extra-terrestrial should I live long enough to encounter our brothers in space.  I have contributed financially to organizations that encourage animal conservancy and protection for many years.

To me it is amazing that many of those in that movement will go to extremes to preserve the egg of a Spotted Owl – which, of course, only has the “potential” of becoming an owlet yet do not extend that protection to a human embryo and even worse to a baby who has been birthed.

To me, greater than the one written by St. John the Divine, that is a true Revelation about who we are as a species.

I invite your comments.


Once again the price of gasoline is on the rise.  Part of that is the tension developing in the Middle East – Iran threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz – their saber rattling regarding Israel – and that state’s reciprocating with its own.

Although the price of light sweet crude has remained in a trading range, the price of gasoline has risen regularly.  (Today I saw an eight cent increase over the price I paid for it the other day).

The “experts” predict that when we hit the peak driving season this summer, we should expect to pay an average of about four dollars a gallon.  Personally, I did some analysis and think that number could be closer to five dollars.  There are two reasons for my conclusion.

By this summer I believe that the Federal Reserve will again engage in what it calls “Quantitative Easing” – a polite way of saying we’re going to further devalue the dollar.  Since the oil that we consume is denominated in dollars the effect is to raise the price of that oil.  That increase will naturally translate to increases in the price of “derivatives” – that is products that are made from that oil – one of which is gasoline.

Second, the refineries are not making any money based on the price of oil and the current price of gasoline.  As a result they are limiting the production of gasoline and will only increase the amount of their output if they are able to get higher prices for it.  Combine that with the increased demand from drivers and that’s how I arrived at my five dollar guestimate.  I sincerely hope that I’m wrong.

We know that when gas prices increase it drains money from consumers’ pockets and has a negative impact on the economy.  Since consumer spending constitutes two-thirds of the economy you can see the effect that increasing gas prices will have on what is only a poor recovery.

Those are the economic facts as I see them.  Having said that I would like to offer my readers a few common-sense ways to combat the vacuum cleaner that is preparing to suck the money out of your wallet and put it in your gas tanks.

First and foremost, slow down when you drive.  We know for a fact that combustion engines operate less efficiently at higher speeds (burning more gasoline) than they do at slower speeds.  At a time where we should be doing everything to encourage conservation – the Congress currently has a bill pending that would increase the speed limit on national highways from the present 65 to 75.  (That I am on the other side of Congressional thinking is like receiving the Good Housekeeping “Seal of Approval”).

Group your trips to minimize your gas consumption.  A little bit of planning can result in your driving fewer miles, getting your chores done more productively and save you some time.  I have gotten in the habit of asking a few neighbors if they need anything from the store or would like to drive with me when I shop.  One less car covering the same route is one less car burning gas.

While none of us can control the price that retail gasoline stations post for their product, we can control how much of it we consume.  And the added benefit is that we can not only save ourselves money but reduce the carbon footprint we are leaving on planet earth.  That  is reason enough for becoming thoughtful conservationists.

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