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Gracie and I are delighted that our three golden retriever friends have been visiting for almost two weeks now and with the heat hovering around the century level there is nothing that Mama Bear and Kali enjoy more than going in the pool and retrieving a tennis ball.  They are very clever beasties and have figured out a way to absorb about five percent of a 15000 gallon pool each time they make an exit from a fetch.  Naturally, this water has to go somewhere and it does – all over the cool deck that surrounds the pool.

Now in the backyard there is a strip that allows accumulated water, whether from the pool or our infrequent rain storms, to runoff into the rock bed that abuts the deck.  Because there are slits in the strip it serves as an excellent cover for a variety of insects to use it as a shield for their nests.  And there is an ant colony that does reside there.  As I learned the other day, apparently it is also suitable for cockroaches as well.

I was enjoying my morning coffee when Kali returned from a swim with both the tennis balls I had thrown in her mouth.  Without shaking on her exit from the pool, she came right over to me and sat there dripping, right on the strip in the deck.

Apparently enough water had entered the habitat below that it caused a very large cockroach to emerge from its home.  I was shocked that this insect could get through the very tiny slits because it was a large example of its species.  And it started to make its way quickly to the back door which I had left open.  Almost involuntarily, I stood up and stomped the creature out of existence with my left shoe.  And then I felt guilty about what I had just done.

Cockroaches have been around far longer than man and will probably survive our demise.  What right did I have to snuff out the life of this creature?  And honestly, if it hadn’t been headed into the house I would have left it alone.  I don’t believe in taking life in whatever form unnecessarily.  But I made a decision that my lifestyle and wanting the house to be cockroach free was more important than this insect – and I acted accordingly.

Josef Mengele was ironically nicknamed, “The Angel of Death”.  He was an SS doctor/anthropologist who was one of those who determined which Jewish prisoners who were brought to Auschwitz would be used for labor and which would be sent to the death chambers.  Three quarters of those who arrived at the camp, the elderly, almost all children, pregnant women and women with small children were all deemed unfit to live and were almost immediately sent to the gas chambers.

In addition to his job of sorting out those who would live and those who would die, Mengele performed hundreds of experiments on prisoners which were performed without concern either for the pain or safety of his victims.  He was particularly interested in identical twins, dwarves and those with physical anomalies.  Part of the motivation behind Mengele’s research was impelled by Hitler’s belief that the world’s Germinization was the ultimate goal and led him further into exploring the potential that eugenics might bring.

Eugenics – The study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by people having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits.

If Mengele’s view of the world and the importance of eugenics in “purifying” the race is frightening to you, the following quotes will certainly reinforce your beliefs.

“While I personally believe in the sterilization of the feeble-minded, the insane and syphilitic, I have not been able to discover that these measures are more than superficial deterrents when applied to the constantly growing stream of the unfit. They are excellent means of meeting a certain phase of the situation, but I believe in regard to these, as in regard to other eugenic means, that they do not go to the bottom of the matter.”

“By all means, there should be no children when either mother or father suffers from such diseases as tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis, cancer, epilepsy, insanity, drunkenness and mental disorders. In the case of the mother, heart disease, kidney trouble and pelvic deformities are also a serious bar to childbearing No more children should be born when the parents, though healthy themselves, find that their children are physically or mentally defective.”

“The main objects of the Population Congress would be to apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring; to give certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization.”

Given Mengele’s dedication to the Third Reich and to eugenics, it is not surprising that he would make these sorts of statements.  But he didn’t.  Those quotes are from the mouth of Margaret Sanger, the American who founded Planned Parenthood.

Given Sanger’s extreme racist views it is not a surprise that Planned Parenthood has placed three quarters of its facilities either in or within walking distance of black and Hispanic neighborhoods.  From her writings Sanger makes it perfectly clear that she thinks of non-whites as inherently inferior.  It is frankly an incredible act of genius marketing that this organization portrays itself as an organization dedicated to the promotion of “women’s health” when in fact if it has a concern for women’s health at all it might better call itself a champion of some women’s health.

It is interesting that every one of the seventeen Republicans who is contesting the presidential nomination has called for defunding Planned Parenthood.  And each of those seeking the Democrat nomination affirms their support of this organization.  But they say a picture is worth a thousand words – and it is appropriate that I close this discussion with one featuring Margaret Sanger and another of her quotes:




It was late summer in 1964 when I arrived on campus at the University of Chicago to begin my freshman year.  I met my roommate and started to settle into college life.  But the second day as I returned to my dorm from one of the orientation sessions, I noticed an appalling smell filling the air.  I assumed that somewhere there had been a break in the sewage system and that was the cause of the foul odor.

That night at our evening meal in my dorm’s cafeteria I happened to mention this to the new classmates I had just met.  I asked if anyone else had smelled the same thing I had and if they knew the source.  One of my classmates who had been raised in Chicago rather matter-of-factly said, “Oh, that’s the smell of blood coming from the animals being slaughtered at the Chicago Stockyards.”  I remember looking at the piece of beef on my plate and decided that I was through with dinner.

The good news about the Stockyards, which were about five miles from my dorm, was that smell which was recurrent, only wafted my way when the wind blew from the west.  The bad news was that the wind almost always blew from the west.  I couldn’t even imagine how intense that smell must have been to those Chicago residents who lived in closer proximity to the Yards.

Well, the Yards finally closed.  Perhaps that was because Chicago had finally relinquished and grown beyond its position as a major animal processing center.  Or perhaps, like the clever plan that Hitler devised for the placement of his death camps, it was determined that putting these buildings devoted to killing in relatively remote places, shielded the activities that went on from the broader public view and thus allowed the butchers of humans and animals to continue with less scrutiny.

If we had our present technological capabilities in the 1940’s and an undercover group had secretly filmed the goings on at Auschwitz and Dachau and released that film footage for the world to see, I wonder if that might not have greatly shortened WWII as people worldwide and within Germany itself might have been so aroused to action that the Hitler regime might have been defeated far sooner by conscientious people who said, “This is unacceptable.  This is inhuman.”

If we had our present technological capabilities in 1964 and an undercover group had secretly filmed the “processing” of animals at the Chicago Stockyards and released that footage for the world to see, I wonder how many of us would set aside that T-bone or pork roast and adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.

Most of us would prefer to live in a world where horror and atrocity in its many variant forms was not something to which we were exposed.  That is becoming increasingly difficult as virtually all of us now have the ability to get the news and see what is happening nearly as quickly as the events themselves transpire.  That is both the good and bad news of living in a technological information age.  And as much as we might choose to ignore the disgusting and prurient, there are enough of us who actually enjoy that sort of thing and are only too pleased to bring the most appalling stories to the attention of those who might have tried to shield themselves from them.

Perhaps the reason that there has been so much outrage and disgust about the  video taped interviews with three different Planned Parenthood doctors, routinely discussing the “transacting” of human fetal body parts, is that we have removed the abortion “process” from behind the walls of one of those nice, innocent looking buildings, and seen examples of what that “process” actually looks like, particularly in the third of these films.  And for all but the most clinical of us, that picture is disturbing at the least.

Some of that anger centers correctly about the abortion process itself.  Others are focusing on a corollary issue – which is whether people who are adamantly opposed to abortion should be forced to pay for subsidies to Planned Parenthood – although that organization adamantly denies that any public funds are used for abortive procedures.  But this defense, of course, begs a larger and more fundamental question.

Why should the public subsidize Planned Parenthood at all since we now have Obamacare which was supposed to have cured all our insurance and medical ills and deficiencies?  Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood is an ardent Obama supporter and activist and surely must be at least as well informed on the law as any of the robotic members of Congress who voted to pass this law without bothering to read it.  So if Obamacare is as efficient as the president claims, why is there a need for additional subsidies to groups like Planned Parenthood or any similar organization?

Perhaps Obama can address this issue when he returns from his trip to Africa having lectured the leaders of several countries on how they need to work on improving their record on human rights.

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