The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

Perhaps you have become too involved in the political reality TV to which we have all been treated in the last ten days or so to notice, but there is a serious and largely unreported new health issue that has surfaced in America.  It’s called B S Syndrome.  The condition derives it’s name from chanteuse Barbara Streisand and its symptoms include an overly large mouth and an exceptionally loud voice.  To date, little research has been done to ameliorate or cure the disease.  In the absence of scientific progress to treat this ailment, I thought I would share my observations so that those in lab coats might get a bit of insight based on my empirical observations which may facilitate their research.

B S Syndrome is, I believe, an outgrowth of a fundamental mental condition which might well be described as “Mind over Meaning.”  In fact, it is little more than an extension of solipsism in which the only reality is that which exists in the ideator’s own mind.  As the creators of their own self-absorbed universe, reality is whatever they believe it to be.  This is convenient because as the self-creating deity they envision themselves to be, people with this condition consider their own outrageous behavior to be totally acceptable while condemning far more civilized behavior in others – should that behavior in any way conflict with their view of how they feel others should behave.

During the most severe periods of drought in southern California a few years ago – I refer to the lack of water and not the lack of intellectual capacity from which many of that state’s citizens seem to suffer – the local authorities quite intelligently implemented severe water rationing plan to combat the situation.  Reasonable people, whatever their political ilk, understood and tried to support the conservation effort.  But one Barbara Streisand apparently either didn’t receive the memo or felt that she was exempt from it.  Fly over photos of her lovely home showed that her lawn was as lush as one might expect to find on the most verdant of the Hawaiian Islands.  Perhaps the explanation for Ms. Streisand’s choosing to ignore this water restriction may be found in one of her own quotes.  “I just don’t want to be hampered by my own limitations.”

There is probably no one who has taken the time to think about how to conduct a moral life who has not strayed from the perfection their philosophy demands.  That is, in essence, the nature of the human condition.  The first step toward spiritual growth is being willing to admit that we all have slips and some of those turn into falls.  But at no time in my experience have I witnessed so many people who seem absolutely convinced that they and they alone have been blessed by seeing the light of truth.  Adherents of ISIS seem to believe in that – as do a fair percentage of our “progressive” stars and starlets from the left coast.  Their latest furor over President Trump’s temporary ban of individuals from seven middle eastern nations is remarkable – but certainly not unexpected.

As some great sage once said, “Actions speak louder than words.”  So to those in Tinsel Town and others who believe themselves to be “entertainers” in whatever form, I can only speak for myself when I say, “I am certainly willing to entertain your outlook if you can demonstrate your sincerity.”  How could that be accomplished?  That should prove to be fairly simple.

If I understand your compassion correctly, you are championing those who are underprivileged.  As the temporary ban on some refugees is in effect, you do not currently have the ability to extend your generosity to those who may not enter the country at this time.  But there is no lack of people in need who are already here.

So to those compassionate souls in Hollywood who abjure the lack of American generosity, like the Lady with the Lamp, light the way and be an example.  Throw open the doors to your 15,000 square foot mansions and welcome the many homeless who live in squalor a few miles away from you.  Be a beacon to light the night and show all of us the virtue of brotherly love.  And when you have done that, I will be the first to say that you have truly overcome B S Syndrome and become an example for all of us to follow.



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  1. And well made.

  2. Funny…but true

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