The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

This weekend, lacking anything better to do, I caught the “”highlights” (no reference to hair coloring) of Hillary Clinton’s speech in NYC.  This event was branded by the former Secretary of State’s campaign as her “Re-launch; Re-set; or, in my opinion, Re-gurgitation of her aspirations to become Commander in Chief and President of the United States.  Needless to say, she hit all the liberal left’s hot buttons – putting forth herself as the champion of the oppressed, the long-suffering and the under achievers in our society – most of whom have attained their status through the mis-directed policies her party has advanced during the last half century.

Fortunately, she avoided mentioning any of the accomplishments that she achieved during either her tenure as a United States Senator or as Secretary of State or the speech might have been briefer than a commercial break.  But it is clear, lacking anything significant to which she might point, that her primary contribution to the world is that she happens to be female.  And, one could infer from the speech, that her primary achievement is that fact that she happens to come equipped with female rather than male parts.  Well, so does more than half the world – and in a world which enables people to change their gender more or less at will, that number might potentially increase.

During her speech, Mrs. Clinton invoked her mother’s story – which was part of the palaver to which I could relate.  Her mom had a hard life but succeeded in raising Hillary and her two younger brothers.  (Little mention was made of her father who owned a fabric store).  Parental struggle and sacrifice is something to which those of us who are part of the Baby Boomer generation can relate – as, for most of us, those are the same stories we heard from our parents and grandparents.  This lesson may well be lost or difficult for younger generations to appreciate since it was through their forebears’ difficulties and perseverance that their lives are appreciably easier and better than they might otherwise know.

While Hillary moaned on about the suppression of women and their inability to get ahead because of white male privilege, using her mother’s story as the setting in which to make her case, it occurred to me that she really missed the opportunity to invoke her listeners’ empathy by omitting her own story and not devoting more time to addressing one specific challenge with which she has lived for nearly four decades.  That, being her marriage to serial philanderer, former President Bill Clinton.  For thirty-seven years, Hillary has been the “other woman” in her own marriage.

Hillary is certainly not the first nor will she be the last person who is the victim of marital infidelity – of either gender (or however many there are this week).  But in my experience, it takes an extremely insecure person to put up with that sort of abuse for as long as she has.  And that, far more than the policies which she purportedly advocates or the email or Clinton Foundation scandals, makes me question whether this is a person (irrespective of gender) who has the basic self-confidence and integrity effectively to discharge the most important position in the world.

Based on what I’ve seen of her over the last thirty or so years, I think not.


  1. Bravo! In addition, I think it speaks to the (lack of) honor. Reminds me that my dearest friend’s marriage did not survive his fooling around while in Afpak serving as an officer in [classified by MOD] although she was only a part-time departmental clerk in a uni, with less than 2 months on the job. Some people still believe we should live and/or die by our words and promises given. And this was one of the causes, I believe that came very close to costing her (and those of us that love her) her life

    I think we should judge not by skin color or by plumbing but simply by the content of character (or lack thereof). And sadly, Hillary fails rather badly.

    • I guess it speaks to values (or lack of them). That, more than anything is what keeps me up nights when I think of a potential Hillary Clinton presidency.

      • Yep, her lack of values, to me at least, makes her untrustworthy, and I think we need a president, whatever his or her politics, that we can trust. And that problem is hardly only with Hillary, or even the Democrats, in my opinion. Far too many can’t distinguish between tactics, and values. I do believe in the possible, but underlying values matter at least as much.

      • There is a lot of deceit going around – in both parties. But the GOP has some interesting choices, many of whom I could support with enthusiasm.

      • I agree, it is a oretty good group, overall. 🙂

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