The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

It was a rainy and cold fall day so after school athletics had ben cancelled and I returned home from school early.  I finished most of my homework, leaving the assignment to translate the second chapter of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s  classic story, “Le Petit Prince” for later as I had three days to complete that.  As I closed my math book, Grandma asked me to set the table for dinner and I was in the process of doing that when the door opened and my father came home.  I went over to give him a hug and could tell that something was bothering him.  He wasn’t his usual jovial self.

At dinner the conversation turned to the fact that he had let go Andy Willis, his salesman who covered the New England states for his company.  He also told us that since he didn’t have a salesman representing the territory, he would have to go to Boston to man the Gift Show which was being held a few weeks later and would probably spend a week calling on his clients in the region.  It was a bit reminiscent of the days gone by when Dad was on the road forty or more weeks a year before he started his own company.

Mom asked why he had let Andy go.  This was not an every day occurrence by any means as most of my father’s employees had been with him for ten or more years.  And I knew, given my father’s disposition, that he would have tried everything in his power to help his now former employee become successful as he tried to help everyone he met and knew.  That was one of his most impressive virtues.  He simply said, “Well, to call a spade a spade, Andy simply wasn’t meeting the goals that we had mutually agreed were reasonable – and I saw no reason to believe that was going to change.”

I believe that it was the first time I heard that expression, “Calling a spade a spade.”  It was very characteristic of my father’s approach to life.  He called things the way he saw them – no pussyfooting around.  That is not to say that he was crude or rude because he was one of the most gentle people I have ever known.  But if you tried to put one over on him, he would call you on it – albeit in the most polite manner.  I know because on more than one occasion I tried.  I lost every one of those attempts at deception.  And finally, perhaps because I learned that telling the truth was a heck of a lot easier than trying to fabricate and maintain a lie, I adopted my father’s philosophy and came to believe that, “Honesty is the best policy.”

The events this week in Paris would have infuriated my father – not for their mere depravity but because of the dissembling response by most world leaders, including our president, about the cause of these events.  And the effete news publications which have “covered” the slaughters would be right behind in deserving his derision.  What it all comes down to is the fact that none of them is willing to “Call a spade a spade.”  Instead, they all pussyfoot around the central and unifying issue which caused the deaths of more than a dozen people in France and which several days ago took the lives of more than two thousand in Nigeria.  And the name of that cancer is “Islamic Radicalism.”

Whether or not President Obama or the media wish to admit or acknowledge it, there is a war going on between terrorists who are Muslims and whose goal is the overthrow of Western Judeo-Christian civilization and its replacement with their interpretation of the Quran and Sharia law.  That’s the facts plain and simple.  And no amount of politically motivated vocabulary ethnic cleansing is going to eradicate the truth nor ameliorate the outcome.  In fact, by denying the truth these “leaders” are more likely to ensure that a worse outcome will ensue since they are failing to address the root cause of the problem and call it out for what it is.

I have to say I appreciate the honesty if not the execution of it in actual terms of the terrorist radicals.  They make no bones about their goals and they make no apologies for their methods.  They are focused with an absolute if misguided faith in what they want to achieve.  The complete domination of the world and the replacement of Western Civilization with their own perverted version of Islam.

Meanwhile, back in the capitals of Europe and the U. S. we listen to idiots like our potential new president, Hillary Clinton speak about how, “We should listen to our enemies and try to see the world through their eyes and from their perspective.”  What a load of crap – pardon my Urdu.   And this woman wants to be president.  It’s hard enough to believe she’s sufficiently competent to schedule her next appointment for a cellulite removal treatment.

And then we have our beloved media.  “The New York Times” springs to mind as the standard bearer for what passes now for modern journalism.  The Times had well over thirty articles describing the antics of the Westboro Baptist Church, a hate organization masquerading as a Christian church with a membership of less than thirty people who are focused on a single subject – deriding and ridiculing gays and lesbians.

To my knowledge, as repugnant and un-Christian as this organization’s tactics are, I don’t believe they have ever been accused of either stoning to death a gay male or lesbian woman or beheading one – in sharp contrast to Radical Islam (or one might argue Islam as a religion) which holds that is the appropriate punishment for a person engaged in gay sex – among quite a few other offenses – including extramarital sexual relations of any kind.  It’s hardly surprising that the left wing media choose to ignore that fact because if Sharia law were implemented, three quarters of Hollywood would disappear overnight.  One might argue that wouldn’t be so bad.

So as those in positions of political authority dither along, the enemy, firm in its convictions and determined in its will, are undoubtedly planning the next event, to which when it occurs our “leaders” will come out and make platitudinous general statements, descrying the most recent “outrage.”  But it will be an outrage which has been decades in the making – since the invention and implementation of “Political Correctness” (a/k/a “B*ll Sh*t”) – and will most likely continue and intensify unless and until they get a grip, put down the rose-colored glasses and take up the AK47’s.

We’ll requisition a supply of clothes pins that they can attach to their noses, to dampen their distaste at pulling the trigger, before those who are sworn enemies of our way of life pull theirs and put them out of our mutual misery.


  1. Quite correct on all counts. Sad but true as is the fact that the first step to winning is to acknowledge that the opposition (or perhaps enemy is more correct) gets a vote as well. The one sure way to lose is to not show up.

  2. The identifying mark of all politicians in the West is that they speak the B……T you so delicately identify, but behind the scenes they don’t believe their B……T. I’ve talked with pols in this country who take a public soft position but confess to me they are monitoring carefully the threats they really see behind the scenes. It’s a complicated issue and we the electors are equally guilty. If politicians annoy those whose oil they need the price goes up through the roof. Then the public gets mad and votes them out. Moderate regimes (while it suits them) should be mollified and the home public manipulated with words that can be denied later. Am I overstating the case? Even moderates of the persuasion you mention identify with the goal of Islam and that is to make the world in their image. Most Moslem countries I’ve visited discriminate in favour of Islam and either restrict the right of minorities in their country, or wink their eyes when Christian sites are attacked and people killed. It’s happening now, but news coverage is muted. Now to the liberals and the liberal press. If and when the country is taken over by radicals with the sympathetic nod of the moderates then liberals will be no more and editorial content will be severely restricted. Imagine how bewildered they will be when they are locked up by the ones they soothed! Are Moslems good people? Most are, but they all believe fervently that their way is best for you and me and democracy is a foreign concept in the World Caliphate.

    • I couldn’t agree more with your clear and cogent analysis. Of course, in the United States, we do have the potential for complete energy independence. However, this administration has done everything in its power to limit our ability to achieve that under the guise of “protecting the environment.” What they perhaps fail to realize is that at the heart of current terrorist activities is financing which has emanated from our oil suppliers – notably the Saudis and Kuwaitis. Furthermore, the Whabiism version of Islam promoted by the Saud royal family is precisely the problem. It may be now that they are finally realizing that even they themselves are in danger from terrorists who are yet more extreme in their application of Sharia than they.

      Our politicians (who refuse to name the real problem) insist that only a small percentage of Muslims worldwide support these sorts of terrorist activities. Their estimates are that number is no more than perhaps ten percent – which means approximately 160 million. If we take that as a gross overstatement and reduce the number to only one percent that means there are 1.6 million who are willing to wage jihad. That would include people like the ten year old girl suicide bomber who blew herself up yesteterday. That’s a lot of potential destruction just waiting to be detonated. And the longer we fail to address the issue head on – the worse the outcome we might expect.

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