The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


It would be unfair to lay the blame for the deaths of two officers of the NYPD in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn solely at the feet of Al Sharpton.  There’s plenty of blame to go around among his coterie of haters – including Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan – among those who profess to be members of the clergy; and Obama, Eric Holder and Bill de Blasio among those who hold political office.  As to these two murders, while none of them pulled the trigger, they are as guilty as the crazed gunman who did.  We should all wait to see if the president will take time out from his Hawaiian vacation to announce that this was an act of “street violence.”  That it will be labeled for what it is – a hate crime – is totally out of the question.

Those who head up the Obama administration, starting at the top, have long abandoned any pretense of moral decency – if they ever possessed it.  And the president surrounds himself with people who are like minded – Sharpton being at the forefront of that group.  That the man has the effrontery to appear in public with his sordid background of inciting riot and manufacturing stories speaks to the general lack of morals in our society.  That he is part of the inner circle of the president speaks volumes to the level of immorality that permeates the White House.  This administration makes the people of Sodom and Gomorrah look like the epitome of virtue.

This tragedy is truly depressing – but it is unlikely to be the only such episode of its kind which we might expect.  There are a great number of thugs who roam freely in our neighborhoods – and many of them are armed.  And there are a sufficient number of people who will take this as the beginning of a war – and who will be prepared to fire the first shot – lest they themselves become victims.  There are already far too many victims in our inner cities.  And if the police determine that risking their own lives to protect the decent members of those communities from the scum who infest those neighborhoods is too great for them to do their jobs effectively, the number of victims will only increase.  Maybe the contingent of police who guard the mayor at Gracie Mansion should all call in with the “blue flu” to awaken “His Obtuseness” to the realities that exist in the city which he governs.

To the families of the two assassinated officers, I send my prayers and sympathy.  To those in positions of power who have implicitly encouraged this tragedy through their failure to support those in law enforcement,  it’s time to take an honest look at your own behavior.  If you endorse lawlessness, despite your exalted position and the additional protection that you receive thanks to the tax dollars of ordinary citizens, there is no guarantee or surety that any of us will be exempt from similar acts of violence.  That may be the legacy that you will have inscribed in the history books of the United States which will be written, long after all of us have departed this world.


  1. A phrase from my childhood, which seems so long ago sometimes, seems to apply to so many who have chased the chimera of divisiveness as a path to power. That phrase is, of course, moral turpitude, along with all that implies.

  2. And that phrase is as appropriately applied today as it was then – perhaps more so.

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