The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It



No reasonable person wants war. The ISIS extremists in Iraq, Syria and who knows wherever else are not reasonable. Their credo is to make war and exterminate anyone who does not subscribe to their beliefs.

When Obama came into office, the situation in Iraq was, at least, stable. His policy of trying to end the war, while admirable, has resulted in the holocausts that are happening today in that ancient land. This is a Commander in Chief who could screw up a one horse parade.

Several days ago was the fortieth anniversary of President Nixon’s resignation. While he had not committed “high crimes and misdemeanors,” he had certainly overstepped the bounds of legality. He did the right thing. He resigned. The events that brought about RMN’s decision to step down from the highest office in the country were related not to public policy but to creating a mystique and ensuring that his “legacy” would be remembered. It has been.

The pictures below are real examples of brutality and sub-human behavior. If, with the limited air strikes and marginal amounts of “humanitarian aid” that have been forthcoming at the CIC’s direction, I hear one person talk about “income inequality,” a “war on women” or anything equally trivial during the next few months of the campaign, I’m fairly certain that I will retch. Those issues may be minor inconveniences. What is happening to minorities in Iraq is a tragedy.

Nixon did the right thing and resigned. Frankly, his offenses were minimal compared to the affronts to which Obama has subjected the Constitution, the nation and all Americans. Not only has he bankrupted the country financially, he has even more importantly eviscerated the moral ethos on which the country is based and abandoned our allies to fill an un-fillable vacuum which has resulted in the ISIS perversion to gain a strong foothold.



A Syrian man beheaded in a brutal execution by ISIS



A group execution by ISIS in Iraq



A young girl executed by ISIS in Iraq


Mr. President.  I hope you enjoy your vacation.  I hear Martha’s Vineyard is very lovely this time of year.


Comments on: "WHILE OBAMA DAWDLES" (6)

  1. And we make pinprick air strikes. God have mercy on our souls.

    You’re braver than me, i couldn’t stomach publishing these. Thank you.

  2. As grotesque and disturbing as these images are, no one will ever see them in the MSM. Somebody has to tell the story – as tortured as it is.

  3. Horrific…but you’re right; someone must tell this story.

    • Perhaps the reason we have arrived at this point is that younger American voters probably only vaguely remember what happened on 9/11/01 and have even less recollection of Viet Nam, Korea and the two world wars; and older American voters who remember these events all too well are too refined to want to think about or discuss them.

      I don’t know how many comments I’ve seen parroted in response to liberal media articles which refer to the eight thousand servicemen and women we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan as the “greatest number of losses we ever sustained” in what were the U. S.’s “longest” wars – completely oblivious to the fact that we were in Viet Nam for nearly thirty years and lost over 58,000 in that conflict not to mention the Civil War’s death toll.

      It’s a strange phenomenon that people who regularly connect with people around the world via the internet somehow consider themselves “insulated” from the sort of violence that is now occurring throughout the Middle East.

  4. Religious extremists and other power hungry throughout history had paid no attention to trying to be nice guys. I’m amazed that in our modern age people are still vulnerable to being turned into monsters.

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