The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) must be credited with some long term vision.  It may surprise my regular readers to hear me say that as I am not normally very complimentary to the man from Searchlight, NV who is one of the primary obfuscators in the upper chamber.  Heck – in any chamber.

Leader Reid, together with his House counterpart, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi were instrumental in crafting the behind closed door deal that gave the nation that wonderful law, affectionately known as Obamacare.  Perhaps we forget that the Leader’s soft spoken demeanor belies his high school background as a boxer.  In fact, he got elected Lieutenant Governor of the Silver State on the same ticket as his former boxing coach and mentor.

Giving credit where credit is due, the passage of Obamacare was a master stroke of political genius and persuasion.  There were no dissenting votes for the law from the Democrat side of the aisle – either in the House or the Senate.  And while the fact that the members who were kept in line by the respective Whips in those two bodies might not have bothered to read it, they nevertheless voted for it.

Unfortunately, the law apparently had a few problems woven into its fabric.  Please do not take this  as a partisan disparagement of the law.  The president apparently feels the same way as he has unilaterally changed various of its provisions on thirty-five separate occasions (at least as of a few days ago).  That most recent change (billed by the HHS Secretary as an “accommodation”) was to extend the final, final (we really mean final) deadline for enrollment in the law from March 31st – to April 15th (or thereabouts).

This comes less than a week after three separate government officials including the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, said that March 31st date was final and absolute.  One spokeswoman for HHS even stated that “her department had no statutory authority to alter that date.”  But such things as following the law as written has never stood in the way of this administration so we shouldn’t take this latest “accommodation” to come as a surprise.

So who are we “accommodating” with this most recent extension?  Well, in the words of Leader Reid, “There are people who (unlike his grandchildren) aren’t very internet savvy and they need some extra time to be able to complete the application process.”  I wonder if IRS would accept that as an excuse for people who either filed their tax returns late or just gave up because they couldn’t understand how to complete them.  In other words, we, the American people are just not that bright.

But to return to the Leader’s long-term vision.

Obamacare (in whatever form one might find it today – but, wait – tomorrow’s version might well be different) – is an albatross hanging on the necks of those who blindly voted for it – to wit, those Democrats who are up for election this November.  As it happens, there are far more vulnerable Democrat senators (all of whom voted to pass this law) than there are Republicans whose seats are up for grabs.  And the current betting it that the Republicans (should they manage to avoid their well-orchestrated strategy of shooting themselves in the foot) might very well take over the Senate.  That would, of course, consign Leader Reid to the back bench as simply another minority senator hack.

So I figure, though he would never admit it publicly, that Sen. Reid might see the handwriting on the wall.  And to that end, he is going on record with as many absurd, foolish and downright insulting statements as he can while he still has the power of the mike and thinks there are people who will listen to him.

All of this is in preparation for his autobiography which, (I have this from an exclusive source which I will not reveal – a là the Senator’s own habit of making statements) will be entitled “The Book of Dumb.”  It should be a gut buster of hilarity.

But the senator’s most recent implication that the American people might not be all that bright and therefore we need to give them extra time to navigate around the Obamacare website might have a grain of truth to it.  After all – we elected him.

Comments on: "HEY, DUMMY" (4)

  1. Book of dumb! I love it. I think some of our politicians could add a chapter or two also. lol

  2. I figure if we set them to work on this problem it will give them less time to muck up the works in the rest of the world.

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