The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

How well I remember the wonderful smells of childhood.  The fresh air (even in New York City) after a spring rainfall; the refreshing scent of freshly-mown grass (the kind that covered the ground on lawns and in parks); but most of all, the marvelous aromas that came from the kitchen as Mom and Grandma worked to put out Thanksgiving dinner.

I remember the hours of anticipation as the smell of the Thanksgiving bird filled the apartment, heightened in intensity when the oven door was opened and Grandma lovingly basted it.  How my stomach would growl in anticipation and I could feel the saliva running in my mouth as I anticipated biting into this very special family dinner.

But at my hungriest, I never came near the intensity of the rant which occurred at a McDonald’s.  A friend was kind enough to forward this to me.  The link is to a potty-mouthed woman’s unbelievable outburst when she discovered that she could not get her fix for  Chicken McNuggets.  This video is rated MD – for mentally deranged:

Wow!  While I am not a trained psychotherapist, I suspect this woman definitely could benefit from some  mental health assistance – which may be available to her if she can only get on the Obamacre website.

But in all seriousness, we know that eating lead-based paint can lead to mental issues.  The “Mad Hatter” suffered from dementia, probably as a result of his profession since lead was used in the manufacture of hats.  Could there be some connection between this woman’s consumption of Chicken McNuggets and her frenzy at finding out she couldn’t get them when she went to her local McDonald’s?

We know that eating fast food regularly is not conducive to good health.  Physical health, that is.  But could there be some sort of long-term effects from consuming this stuff on a regular basis?  What actually goes into a Chicken McNugget?  The following video will give you an electron microscope’s view of this “food.”

Some of my friends and more of my acquaintances are, I suspect, convinced that some of my opinions are “around the bend.”  Since December 18, 2013 will be my 30th anniversary of being “McDonald’s free,” I guess that I cannot use eating their output as an affirmative defense against these accusations.

But I’m in luck.  I’ve discovered an amazing website, which has an excuse for every occasion and circumstance.  And the value of this website is further validated by the fact that, on good authority I am told, the Obama administration makes frequent use of its services.


  1. Excellent blog. I don’t eat fast foods, they along with carbonated drinks are a poison to the system. I learned the definition of real fast foods though in an Asian bazaar. I sampled the fruit offered to me by a vendor and it came right up again. Now that’s real fast food. lol

    • As I’ve preached, we could reduce the amount of self-inflicted disease if we changed our lifestyles. Soda is right up there with heavily processed foods..

      As to your experience at the bazaar, did you capture that with a “selfie” you’d like to share with us? lol.

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