The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


The estimates of the number who were killed due to Typhoon Haiyan are mounting daily.  The fear is that 10,000 or more may have died as a result of this storm.  The Philippines has a population of nearly 87 million people – so as a percentage that is about two thousandths of one percent of the populace.  So that’s no big deal.  At least, that is the thinking that comes from our Washington bureaucracy and the administration.

There are now well over four million health insurance policies that have been cancelled as a result of Obamacare.  That number would be far greater had Obama not delayed the employer mandate for a year to get the full devestation this law will cause only unveiled after the mid-term elections.  As the numbers mount, the administration minimizes what has already happened – citing that these cancellations will affect less than five per cent of those with insurance.

For those of us who have always had difficulty with decimal points and percentages, that’s more than four hundred times the number of people who will be killed by Typhoon Haiyan.  While I don’t have any direct evidence to back up this claim, I suspect that out of that large a pool of people there are at least 10,000 individuals who have a life-threatening condition and are now being forced to find a new doctor or hospital to treat them – thanks to Obamacare.

Let’s take a leap of faith – a huge leap of faith – and say that the advertised underpinning for Obamacare was to give the 30 million or so uninsured Americans the security of having the comfort of knowing that they would be able to obtain insurance.  Those who opposed Obamacare were categorized as “heartless,” “mean-spirited,” “uncaring.”  They were cast as unfeeling people who could care a whit about the poor and un-empowered.  And their name was the GOP.

Let’s further set aside the fact that these heartless GOP lawmakers and partisans warned over three years ago that this law was flawed; that the mass cancellations that have been happening would ensue; that prices for insurance contracts would not fall by the purported $2,500 per year that Obama claimed but would rise; and that when all was said and done, there would still be tens of millions who would remain without health insurance – all of which predictions are coming to pass.

As events have begun to unfold, highlighted by the incompetent rollout of the government’s website, those warm and fuzzy Democrats, the self-anointed champions of the “folks” have had to scramble to diffuse criticism which has now come even from one of Obama’s biggest boosters, “The New York Times” – which should really change it’s motto to “All the news that we think you should know.”

Finally, after what is one of the most botched unveilings in history, Obama finally decided to make an “apology.”  If you heard this week’s statement from his Greatness, he was upset by the rollout because “I was burned by it – uh, I mean the American people were burned by it.”  And those “care bear” Democrat legislators are spewing forth their indifference with statements like, “I’m so upset that this [disaster] is providing fodder for our opponents.”

Where’s the love, Washington?

Obama and company have consistently down-played the impact of a mere five percent of the population who have so far been adversely affected by the law.  They continue to ignore the fact that despite repeatedly promising this would not happen, the President knew that it would – as long as three years ago – and despite that continued to lie to the public in order to sell this disastrous program.  Their vision is that “the general good” always trumps the bodies of the individual who are mere pawns to achieve their goals.  Any tactic to achieve their ends is acceptable in their view.

So let’s turn to those who were uninsured before the law and see how enthusiastic they have been in welcoming this new benefit.  Sadly, not so much.  According to the latest information, only about one out of five of those uninsured since the law’s passage have even bothered to attempt to get information from the website.  In fairness, that’s probably partly due to the fact that the website hasn’t worked well.  Or it just may be that they simply don’t place having health insurance as a high priority on their to-do lists.  Only time will tell.

But what we do know is that millions of Americans are now having to deal with the stress of finding new insurance and new medical providers.  The “remorse” that comes from our politicos seems to stem more from politics than it does from policy.  So that begs a question.

If Filipino President Benigno Aquino III were to respond to the devestation of Typhoon Haiyan in the same inefficient, unfeeling and indifferent manner as the Obama administration has handled the Obamacare law and rollout, it wouldn’t surprise me that we might read a story about how he had been hanged by the people in front of the Presidential Palace.

That might provide the wake up call that should have been heard a long time ago by an administration that has been driving while asleep at the wheel and drunk with power.

The pictures of the devestation in the Philippines are overwhelming and the United States has quickly responded with humanitarian aid – as well we should.  These are real people and real lives which have been lost.

Do not our own citizens whose health is at stake deserve the same compassion from our government?


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