The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

Perhaps one of the most famous quotes in history, “Let them eat cake,” has been attributed to Marie Antoinette.  Purportedly that was her response when told that the peasants had no bread to eat.  Although there is debate over who actually uttered this and the suspicion is that it was not the Queen of France, we now know the author with certainty, President Obama.

When he spoke in Boston the other day to his groveling throng of admirers and referred to the millions whose health insurance policies have been cancelled, he arrogantly offered advice to them.  “Let them go to the website and go shoppin’ – that’s what’s it’s there for.”  The arrogance of that statement and the way that it was delivered speaks volumes about Obama’s attitude towards the American people.

The premise on which “universal healthcare” via Obamacare was sold is that it was a matter of social justice that everyone have access to health insurance.  That is not an unreasonable goal – although I would again remind my readers that having comprehensive health insurance and having excellent healthcare are two separate and distinct issues.  And from the onset, non-partisan estimates suggested that there would still be thirty million who would remain uninsured even if Obamacare were fully implemented.

But if we accept the purported lofty ideals with which the bill was sold, it is incumbent that we ask ourselves, why then does the administration appear so unfeeling toward those who, because of the way HHS wrote the regulations, are being prevented from keeping the insurance that they freely chose and liked?

In many reported cases, these were not the “shoddy” policies which the omniscient in Washington deemed unworthy.  In many cases there are people who are losing decades long relationships with their physicians and their insurers.  And all of those are now faced with having to replace health insurance through a website that simply doesn’t work – and usually at greater cost than what they already had.

If we listen to Obama, he preaches a gospel of compassion, but he delivers the reality of indifference while working to the ultimate goal which is control – total and complete control of every aspect of every American’s life.  Obamacare is nothing more or less than a tool to bring about the total enslavement of a nation – no longer under God but under the heel of those who consider themselves the anointed ones.

What is worse, this President is so filled with hubris that today he re-wrote history – his own history.  He no longer claims that he committed to Americans’ being able to keep their old insurance policies if they were in place before Obamacare was passed.  The new line is that he promised that “if” no changes were made to those plans.  Thanks to the wonderful world of video tape we know that is an outright untruth (my polite way for saying that was a bald-faced lie).

Perhaps the President is as oblivious to his former remarks as he is to his promise to bring those who were responsible for the Benghazi massacre to justice.  Perhaps he was unaware that someone in his administration purposely barricaded the WW II Memorial to make the opposition party look bad during the partial government shutdown.

Perhaps, returning to the original thought that prompted this post, if the President wants to attempt to leave behind him a reputation as other than the worst president we have ever elected, he should call down to the White House kitchen and ask for a double helping of humble pie.  That would be a just dessert.


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