The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


Well, there I was, trolling through the “news” shows yesterday when I heard something that truly startled me.  That news item was that those who have been hired (through government grants to various organizations) to become “navigators” for helping people enroll in Obamacare are getting paid up to $48 per hour.  By my quick math, assuming full time employment (now defined as 30 hours per week), that comes to just about $75,000 per year.

That’s not bad when you consider that apparently all you need to qualify is 16 hours of training.  When I compared that to what we pay a starting teacher who needs to spend a minimum of four years in college, I thought this sounds like a pretty cushy job.  So I thought to myself, “Well, self.  You’re retired, have time on your hands and have a background in insurance.  Why not check it out and see if you can pick up some extra income – and potentially become a one person fifth column?”

So I went to the internet to see where there were offices in Las Vegas where people could sign up for Obamacare.   As it turned out, that was somewhat akin to the journey that Jason and the Argonauts undertook in Greek mythology.

After spending nearly two hours on the internet trying to find a “center” where they had “navigators” helping with the process, I finally gave up because each link that I checked brought me back to the same place where I had begun my search.  So, I decided to call the toll free number, stupidly thinking that I might actually be able to speak to someone.  “Oh, what fools these mortals be.”

Naturally, I followed the computer’s instructions, trying to locate a center which served my zip code.  After punching in all the requisite numbers, including my zip, the system returned the answer that, “No centers were found.”  Not to be deterred, I tried again, seeking to locate a navigator for my area.  Once again, “No navigators were found.”  So I hung up.

After sitting back for a moment, I thought of another way to attempt reaching a person.  I called back and requested information on making a payment, the first of the computerized options.  I was finally connected to a live person.  (It’s funny how government always makes it as easy as possible to send money to them).

I spoke with a nice young woman who, when I asked where I could sign up for Obamacare, effervescently responded that, while she didn’t have any “centers” listed, she did have the telephone numbers for three “navigators” who would be available to service me based on my zip code.  She then provided me with the phone numbers of these three gentlemen (yes they were all men, how sexist).

I called all three of these “navigators” to find out how they could “facilitate” my enrollment in this divinely inspired program but was unable to reach any of them so I left messages for each.  That was about eight hours ago – but I have yet to hear from any of the three.

So here’s my analysis in review of this program thus far.

We know that there are fatal flaws, a/k/a “glitches” in the computer program.  After a fair amount of effort I tried an alternative method, the old-fashioned one on one contact.  Those who are being paid a substantial rate to get people enrolled have not responded to my inquiry.  Oh, did I mention that yesterday I created an account but when I went to access information based on the computer accepted account, it didn’t recognize me?

While I can’t verify this, purportedly during the first two weeks of the rollout of Obamacare, approximately 38,000 people have signed up.  If, in fact we are going to enroll 30 million people in this program, at that rate it will take a little over fifteen years to accomplish this goal.  And that’s a good thing.

You see, if this abominable law stays on the books that long, I guess that if I’m ever able to figure out how to be a “navigator,” in that period of time I could earn over $1,125,000 – all at the expense of other taxpayers.  America – what a country.


Comments on: "YO, BAMA–DO YOU CARE?" (3)

  1. Our government is promising to cut red tape, but if they do that then all their cronies would be out of work. lol. I enjoy reading your commentaries

    • If anyone doesn’t understand that business’ mission is to grow. And if they don’t understand that government is a business (although an inefficient one) they really have a very unclear concept of the universe.

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