The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

The “leaders” of the governments of the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, other European countries and the United States have one agenda in common.  They seek greater inclusivity in their countries.  That sounds good and true inclusion for all is indeed an admirable goal.  It should be the philosophy of all open-minded and fair people, whatever their ethnic backgrounds, race, sexual orientation or religion.  But when you attempt to include people who have an agenda of self-perceived superiority, that effort is doomed to abysmal failure.  Such is the agenda of Islam.

In the U. S. we should have learned a lesson about forcing “equality” on our citizens back when Brown v. The Board of Education desegregated our public schools.  There is no question that, by and large, black school children received an inferior education than their white counterparts.  So we invented busing to integrate our public schools.  The result was not the elevation of the education that the newly integrated black students received, but the lowering of achievements that white students attained.

It seems that our focus in bringing “equality” almost always means that those who have or do more always get shoved down the path of mediocrity to become nearer to the levels of those who have less and do less.  While it is our stated goal to elevate the underdog, that seldom happens.  And the more we realize that our good intentions are falling short of our goals, the more radical the new programs that we invent in order to try to achieve them.

These radical programs evolve into an absolute hatred of anyone who doesn’t fit the standardized “norm” that is promulgated as the ideal for all of us.  And the rabid left will leave no stone unturned to undermine the success of those who have taken personal responsibility and succeeded.  Of course, their underlying theme is that these people have no right to that which they have earned.  As I recall, that was one of the themes that was preached as the Bolsheviks implemented their doctrine in Russia.

Unfortunately, we live in a land that was probably the greatest success for individual freedom and achievement.  That makes America the ideal target for those to whom success is anathema.  And we can see that in the continuing way that this administration actively degrades the Judaeo-Christian principles and practitioners who still exist in this country and favor those who are Muslim.

While the One Million Muslim march on 9/11/13 fizzled, radical Muslims are making regular inroads thanks to our politicians – not only here but in much of Europe.  From our perspective, Europe got a head start on us because of their proximity to many Muslim countries.  But we’re doing our best in America to catch up.

Islam is billed as a “religion of peace.”  Perhaps it is and perhaps there are many Muslims who hold to that ideal.  But when we hear of Islam it is not they who are on display doing acts of charity to those of other religions.  Rather, as we saw over the last several days, it is what we choose to call the “radical” Muslims in Pakistan, suicide bombing Christian churches and killing 85; or in Kenya where Somali Muslim terrorists slaughtered 62 and wounded another 175 in a shopping mall after identifying who were non-Muslims and executing them.  If this is peace, what must war look like?

What is particularly disturbing about the Kenyan incident is that some of the terrorist combatants apparently came from Canada, the UK and the U. S.  We can be sure that not all of those within those countries have emigrated to Somalia, the source of the Kenyan attack, and are here and living among us.

Both Europe and the U. S. have bent over backwards to “accommodate” Muslims and the end result is that the more they are placated the greater their demands.  It’s like trying to buy off the tantrums thrown by a spoiled child by acceding to his hissy-fits.  And ultimately, we produce a child who believes that bad behavior is the route to getting his way.  At some point, that behavior crosses the boundary either of civility or the law and we need to apply force to ensure the safety of those with whom he comes in contact.

That time is now here for western governments – the time to stop accommodating our Muslim residents and offer them exit visas to their destination of choice.  No one asked them to come and they are free to go to places which are more to their liking and which better suit their mores.  Or, if they choose to remain, then they need to accommodate themselves to the existing culture to which they have relocated.

Are there any politicians out there, anywhere in the western world who do not see the problem?  Or are they all too committed to their liberal vision of “inclusion” to admit to all the murders which are being perpetrated?

The thought of the rampancy of terrorism sometimes gives me nightmares.  But I suspect our pols, failing to face the all too obvious facts, sleep quite soundly.




  1. Glad you wrote this, it’s been running through my mind as well, and I was beginning to think I was the only one. Thanks.

    The religion of peace? Yep, the peace of the grave.

  2. Our western democracies are on a self-destruct course. They make allowances for migrants who are not prepared to fit in with their host culture. I believe that if a migrant wants to enjoy the hospitality of a host country they have to accept that culture and fit in rather than complain and want to be made an exception. If they are not happy to do that they should go back to where they came from.

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