The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


Later this week the Prez is going on a bus tour to promote the idea of making college affordable for students.  That sounds like a great idea – although a person has to question the value of the education that a student receives when there is a limited market for whatever skills they receive in their four years at their alma maters.

Well, there’s the NFL – and McDonald’s.  At least in the NFL we are able to answer that question that was posed by the late Clara Peller, made famous in her Wendy’s commercials by asking, “Where’s the beef?”

And there is a lot to beef about – particularly if you are a college student and happened to have been chosen as an intern – in the White House.  You see, while the administration has been actively campaigning to increase the federal minimum wage, it pays these interns exactly – nothing per hour.  In addition, the interns must provide for their own housing.

Most internship programs are designed to offer promising students who are majoring in the field, the opportunity to get an introduction to the employer and the industry’s business.  Of course, some of these positions are awarded not by merit but by influence.   You know – the “good old boy system.”  Actually, those internships awarded by the White House go to those who are the kids of big contributors to “the cause.”  So it’s not as though these kids are going to have join the ranks of the homeless in our nation’s capital to beg for their next latté.

So consider the ingratitude of some of these young upstarts who feel that they should actually not only enjoy the privilege of learning about the finer points of obfuscation, but should actually get paid for their efforts.  Boy, are these kids working for the wrong administration.

Considering the fact that if the girls could just go out, have two kids and apply for welfare benefits (oh they’d have to move to Hawaii – so how tough is that) they could collect in cash and food and healthcare benefits the fairly decent amount of over $60,000 per year.  That’s way more than twice what we pay a starting teacher in Washington, D.C.

If these students learned anything from their internship this summer, hopefully it’s a grasp of economic realities – and how the administration for whom they worked for free just doesn’t get the concept that if you pay people enough in welfare and other benefits, you kill the incentive to work.  Or maybe they do understand it and its part of a master plan to keep the uneducated in subjugation.

With the bleak job outlook looming ahead of them, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these kids decided not to return to those ivy walls.  In fact, they might just decide to hang out with the many homeless who reside on the streets of Washington.  The weather is pretty good there year round.

But it’s a little hard for me to understand why, the cherry blossoms, notwithstanding, D.C. has so many homeless.  After all, Washington has a minimum wage which is 14% above the federal standard.  Can you just imagine the influx of additional homeless to the District if we – well, let’s say – just doubled it?

Some of our angered interns might even find out that, if they stay,  they qualify for some benefit package or other.  Even if it was a small pittance – it would be more than what they earned while working for the president.


Comments on: "MINIMUM RAGE" (5)

  1. Wow! You certainly do your research!

    • Isn’t that the nature of good reporting – or at least that used to be the standard here. Thanks.

      But I forgot to mention one thing in the post.

      If you remember back to the Clinton impeachment, you might recall that Monica Lewinsky (the woman with whom “President Clinton did not have sex”) had been a White House intern. I guess the job has other perks than mere money!

      • Regardless of opinions as to whether it was handled well or not I think Monica was disproportionally blamed for that incident. The world regards Clinton as one of your most capable Presidents but he took advantage of Monica’s youth and inexperience.

  2. It’s fairly easy to make a case that Bill Clinton’s libido is greater than God’s ego. I don’t have any problems with Ms. Lewinsky.

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