The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

I never had aspirations in this direction – which is probably a good thing.  That is to one day make my name as a clown.  And certainly if I did it would not have been in the state of Missouri.  Just as well.

Apparently in the “Show Me” state, there are certain things that it is not polite to show the people – as in making a joke of President Obama while wearing a mask of that gentleman.

The presumed insult to the Chump in Charge was, of course, predicated on an assumption of racism.  People – get over it.  You are the ones who insist on calling him “black” rather than referring to him by the more accurate term of “multi-racial” or even “bi-racial”.  Personally, I prefer to think of him as white with a good sun tan.  Categorizing him as black will probably insure that a black man or woman will not be elected to the office of President  for another 232 years – assuming that we survive this president and his policies – something which I question.

We’ve had some losers that we elected to this esteemed office in our history.  Quite a few of them, in fact.  And we’ve never taken umbrage at the fact that political pundits and cartoonists made fun of them.  Nor should we have as that is the nature of political dissent – a premise on which the country was founded.

Had the clown at the Missouri State Fair made fun of the presidency – I would agree with critics who said that was inappropriate.  It is an entirely different matter that he chose to make fun of the person who currently occupies that position.  And that he was banned for life from ever performing again at that event – well it speaks to the amazing thin skin that many Americans seem to have to live with.  I’m only surprised that there aren’t more cases of skin cancer among our liberal citizens.



  1. A man with the guts to be a rodeo clown, which are some of the bravest men I’ve ever met, deserves to be anybody he wants to be, most of us would be flattered greatly by that, and I’d bet that included George W. Bush who was.

    For those who don’t know, Rodeo clowns are the people who keep the contestants safe from bulls and wild horses in the ring. They do an incredibly dangerous job, and take the commensurate damage to their body, without complaint. There’s many a cowboy (and cowgirl) walking around because of them. Personally, I think Omaha Beach was safer.

    • Thank you for fleshing out the role of the rodeo clown and the dangers involved in that job.

      I would have gone into some of the detail, but the absurdity of this whole business is just so mind-boggling that I needed to get it out of my system quickly before my head burst open!

      • I figured you knew but some of your readers probably don’t. Angered me as well but, that’s getting to be an everyday thing lately. Thank God, I can blow off steam on the blog.

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