The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

If we are to judge by the statements that come out of Majority Leader Harry Reid’s mouth it is easy to conclude that advancing age and stupidity are not mutually exclusive.  Once again Sen. Reid showed his lack of sensitivity (and intelligence) when he went on Nevada Public Radio and proclaimed, “I hope, I really hope that their (Republicans) attempt to undermine this president is based on objections to his policies and not that he is African-American.”

Give it up Senator Reid.  I mean your seat in the Senate.  Go home to your lovely community of Searchlight, NV, replete with its 95% white population where less than 1% of the residents are African-American.  Spending time in Washington, D. C. must come as a real assault on your sense of color.

It would be useful if the senator had the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of those in our black community who have made it in American society.  Many of those chose not to vote for Barack Obama in 2008 – and of those who did, they saw the havoc that this person was bringing on the country and did not repeat their mistake four years later.

From the standpoint of those who are successful blacks, perhaps the greatest objection to the Obama administration is that this man has single-handedly undone much of the work that we achieved in the 1960’s in the civil rights movement.  We gave back the gains that we all achieved thanks to the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King – the dream of equality and becoming productive members of an integrated society.

And Senator Reid, you and your white liberal friends are the ones who have pushed and shoved for greater and bigger and more extensive programs to help out poor blacks.  The predication of all these efforts is the underlying assumption that black Americans are inherently inferior and unable to take care of themselves.  I believe that is the definition of racism.

No, Senator Reid, the objection of Republicans to President Obama’s administration is not based on his color – but on the caliber of his character – and more importantly his track record.

He has yet to put forward any program to which we could turn and say, “Well, at least that one worked.”

Solyndra, bail outs, stimulus program(s), a lousy economy, nearly doubling the number of food stamp recipients, increasing the national debt by the largest amount of any president, constant vacations, a hostile and imperious attitude towards those who call him out on his failures, alienation of our closest and longest-standing allies, failure to stand up to those who are our declared enemies, allowing government agencies, the NSA, IRS to serve his political agenda, failure to protect our citizens in Benghazi, the train wreck that is Obamacare – all these speak to a person who is weak, lacks vision, has no sense of decency and is simply unworthy to hold the position to which he was elected.

If that isn’t sufficient reason for Republicans (or any objective American) to oppose the Obama administration, I can’t imagine what would be.  It’s not a matter of color – it’s a matter of character.



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