The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


Apparently reporting some of your schoolmates for their drug use can get you in trouble as the following video shows.

The fact that the three assailants were black kids and the victim was white is, to my thinking, irrelevant.  I don’t naturally assume that race was the motivation – merely, that the boy who was attacked had done the right thing, alerting school authorities to his attackers’ drug use (or in some reports selling drugs to other students).

This morning as I drove home from the dog park I noticed that the large sign which hung on the side of the local public elementary school was no longer there.  The sign said,


Perhaps they sent the banner to Pinellas, Florida.  I hope that, if that’s the case, they will first get Al Sharpton’s signature on it before putting it on display.

Comments on: "DON’T TELL (OR ELSE)" (2)

  1. We need to be reminded of that. Too bad we need signs to remind us all.

    • It’s a nice idea and a wonderful thought. I just wonder if children don’t experience that kindness within their families how many signs we will need to overcome that deprivation.

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