The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


Below is the Monday 8/05/13, 8:41 a.m. PDT listing of Yahoo News’ ten biggest trending stories:

1 Sally Struthers

2 Tiffani Thiessen

3 Death row inmate hanged

4 Maui shark attack

5 Dancing With the Stars

6 A-Rod suspension

7 Tawana Brawley hoax

8 Game of Thrones

9 Powerball

10 Al-Qaida threat

The individual who reads Yahoo News may not be your typical American – but then again he or she may well be.  If that is the case, it is interesting that probably that only story that has major significance – the “Al-Qaida threat” ranks only in the tenth position of what people consider to be important.  However, should these terrorists actually carry out some kind of attack (which we all certainly pray will not happen), I guarantee that story would be in first place on the list.

This is unfortunately a vivid explanation of our national disease – complacency.  We are long accustomed to feeling safe and secure and approach life in a reactive, rather than a proactive way.  It takes something like 9/11/01 to remind us that we are not immune to the dangers that exist in this world.

Most of us have yet to realize that America and all of Western Civilization is involved in a war.  It is a war against terror carried out by jihadists who believe imposing their personal beliefs on all humanity is not only justified – it is required by their god.  There is no act that is too brutal which they may employ to achieve their goal.  There is no person who is so sacrosanct that he may not be sacrificed to the cause.

Jihadi terrorism is the ultimate expression of “the end justifying the means”.  And it is time that we wake up to that.  It is time that we stopped accommodating those who invited themselves to live in the west and don’t care for the rules which exist here.

If they don’t like living in countries with Judaeo-Christian values, we do not seek to impose them on them and their religious sensitivities.  Our borders were open to them to come here – and they are open for them to leave.  I, for one, wish them a safe trip home and a good life when they get there.

America may be a sleeping giant.  We may be snoring as the gnats and mosquitoes take a bite here and draw a little blood there.  We may swat at these annoyances and continue in our reverie.

But at some point there will be enough bites and stings to awaken us.  And when that happens, beware.  The giant can be awful nasty when he is aroused to anger.

Comments on: "WHILE AMERICA SLEPT" (5)

  1. Your last metaphor make me think of encephalitis or possibly malaria. Other than that I couldn’t agree more.

    I am however thinking that the whole embassy closing stunt might be a plot to protect NSA but, I don’t have enough information yet to have an opinion. But I can’t imagine the terrorists got there yesterday and found the embassy closed so they said, “Shucks,” and went home.

  2. None of us has a sufficient amount of information at this point to make a reasonable determination.

    What disturbs me is that I’ve lived through a number of administrations which I supported or critiqued with some degree of skepticism. However, as bad as they might have been, I never would have imagined any of them contemplating doing what I now consider a possibility.

    That suggests that American politics and politicians have attained an all time low.

  3. There was a time when the enemy was somewhere out there who we could fight in a middle place, but now the enemy has infiltrated and the enemy is within too. And our laws allow them to grow and prosper to deliver their evil blows at will.

    • The rules of war have changed since two opposing armies faced each other on the battlefield. It is only an outgrowth of our Judaeo-Christian backgrounds that we allow the enemy to grow from within. No such option exists for dissenters or non-Muslims in any part of the Muslim world.

  4. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown and commented:
    You are absolutely right, but, with all the announced cuts to the armed forces, it seems the giant is minimising its own ability to get nasty enough! Well said.

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