The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

One day after shuttering our embassies, there is more media talk about the threat from al-Qaeda.  It’s not hard to find stories about the latest techniques these maniacs are cooking up – including a new type of liquid bomb that can be applied to clothing and is undetectable when dry.  I assume that it is activated through a process of self-immolation.  I don’t think I’ll volunteer to work in that test lab.

It’s hard for me to identify with the mindset of anyone who thinks that killing is a good thing – and the more the better.  It’s a concept that is totally alien to me and to my experience and yours as well, I suspect.  So it’s hard to put myself in the sandals of someone who thinks that way.  But if we are to try to anticipate what the jihadists may be planning – I believe that is exactly what we must do – try to think as they do.

While we might find their motivations incomprehensible, just because they’re crazy doesn’t mean that they have to be stupid as well.  The amount of co-ordination that went into the 9/11/01 attack suggest that we should not dismiss them as being unable to carry out a complex plan.

Given the assumption that al-Qaeda operatives may be insane but smart, one has to wonder at the gross stupidity they exhibit in their means of communicating with each other.  Even before the extent of NSA spying on Americans was disclosed, it should have been apparent to al-Qaeda that the U.S. and allies have probably been actively nosing into their affairs for at least a decade.  That would include written and telephone communications.

Given my premise that these deranged war-mongers aren’t stupid – why would they take the risk of communicating so much information in the way of purported “targets” for this “very big operation?”  That simply makes no sense to me.  It’s as illogical as if the Allies had sent Hitler a message letting him know when and where they were planning to launch D-Day.

Maybe there is no major operation underway and they’re just having a little fun at our expense.  That might be one twisted explanation.

Or perhaps there is a big operation under way – and the information that they are putting out is intended to distract us from their actual targets.

Of course, there is a third possibility.  Given President Obama’s repeated statements during the 2012 campaign, “ Osama bin Laden is dead – al-Qaeda’s on the run,” perhaps they just don’t have a lot of respect for the American President or his understanding of how they operate and feel emboldened by his ignorance.

That third possibility might be the most disturbing of all.



  1. The sad part of it is that they are not only killing Westerners who they feel are some kind of lower form of life, but they are killing their own people by the thousands. Now that really has me shaking my head trying to understand what their motive really is. Perhaps they just like killing for the sake of killing and are hiding behind a religious façade?

    • I think that the Sunnis and Shiites both regard each others as apostates – and the penalty for leaving Islam as prescribed in the Koran is death.

      But death, compared to life among these people (particularly for women) might be preferable.

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