The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It



This is not going to be a post about famous Anthony Wiener quote(s).  Are there any?

Oh yes, “I got over my bad behavior.”  Now there’s one for the books.

This post is going to be dedicated to demon rum.  Which brings to mind a joke that a friend sent me the other day.

“A lawyer, an illegal alien, a pathological liar, a Muslim, a Communist and a black guy walk into a bar.

The bartender looks up and says, “What’ll it be, Mr. President.”

You probably figured out the punch line when you came to “pathological liar”.  So forgive me.  I’m just reporting the joke as I received it.

But the truth is, there’s nothing really funny about that story if you think that someone (other than the black guy part) with just one of those descriptors is ruining running the USA, and apparently running it into the ground at top speed.

Now I know that there are those who have particular issues to which they turn their attention.  As day leads unto day, there are becoming more and more of those issues which might cause even the most apathetic to start  thinking.  Or so one can hope.

Watergate smelled bad.  Whitewater and the Clinton administration were even more pungent.  But the Obama administration – well, how can I describe it?  It’s as though they’re looking for a listing in the “Guinness Book of World Wreckers.”

Perhaps the most olfactory analogy I can offer is this:

Picture a warehouse filled from top to bottom with Limburger cheese.  The ventilation system has failed and the cheese has gotten extremely ripe to the point where even the rats have to hold their noses as they look for a better environment in which to live.

What we have mis-governing the country is PURE STINK.

I’ve held that opinion now for, let’s see, a little over four years.  Perhaps you agree with my analysis.  Unfortunately, as bad as the first term was the second is proving to be far worse.  But we all know that.  Well, most of us know that.

As I left the dog park this morning I heard two fellows chatting.  The one said, “We don’t really need the Bill of Rights.  It’s antiquated.  And we have a leader in the President who is a man of great vision.”  I happened to know that the man who made that statement works for city government.

Fortunately, I had not yet had my breakfast so my involuntary desire to retch went unfulfilled.  And besides, that would not have been a dignified (though appropriate) response.  And in the man’s defense, he always has a countenance similar to what I see in people who have severe mental abnormalities.  Plus he drools.

On the drive home the dogs must have thought I had gone around the bend because I couldn’t help talking to myself out loud.  Gracie came from the back of the wagon and rested her head on my right shoulder as if to say, “Don’t worry, love of my life.  It’s going to be okay.”  She’s very sweet but extremely naïve – all of which is part of her charm.

It’s been at least two, maybe three months since I’ve had anything alcoholic to drink.  I didn’t give it up because of any medical reason or because I was afraid of turning into an alcoholic.  I’ve always been a very moderate drinker – during those times I felt that it offered a little solace.

But I think that a bit later I’m going to head down the road to one of the local casinos, saddle up to the bar, throw twenty bucks in a video poker machine (that way the drink is free) and order myself a Perfect Chivas Rob Roy and tell the bartender to “hold the fruit.”  (No offense to our gay citizenry intended).

And I’m going to add, “Make it a stiff one.”


Comments on: "HOW ABOUT A STIFF ONE?" (7)

  1. We will all survive in spite of our respective governments. lol

  2. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown and commented:
    How ‘you get this guy impeached?

  3. How do you get this guy impeached?

  4. Well, there is a process. Specifically, a “Bill of Impeachment” is brought before the House. If it is voted “aye” then the trial moves to the Senate.

    The Senate, which is currently controlled by Democrat cronies hold a majority – so there is no likelihood – at least before we see the outcome of the November, 2014 elections – that the Senate would vote to convict.

    And the House – a fair number of Republicans included – have shown so little backbone or adherence to any semblance of standards, that I doubt more than a few would have the gumption to introduce such a proceding or sign on to it as joint sponsors.

    Frankly, if it were absolutely proven that say, for example, Obama was foreign born (the “birther” argument) and therefore under the explicit language of the Constitution ineligible to hold the office of President, that it would have much impact on our lawmakers when they voted on the issue.

    As with most things, they would look first to their own personal self-interest (how their vote would reflect on their prospects to get re-elected) and might actually consider the backlash that would be incurred via riots and lootings and shootings by those who form the President’s hardest core voters.

    Of course, what they don’t either see or want to think about is the fact that by their inactions they are essentially writing themselves out of their own positions – as they abrogate both their oaths of office and their power to an Executive branch that is assuming close to dictatorial powers.

  5. As long as that Rob Roy is extra dry, I’ll think I’ll join you.

    As to Oyia’s question, somehow Warren Hastings comes to mind. If you missed it when the Brits tried to impeach him, it took years and was so bad that they outlawed impeachment. If we drink enough (I don’t know how to pay for it) 2017 isn’t too far away.

  6. Okay – you can come as my guest and order your Rob Roy anyway you want. I’ll even spot you a twenty for the video poker machine. If we get really lucky, we could both hit royals – and that should keep us inebriated at least through the weekend. Oh happy day!

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