The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

deer god

my momma and mrs jones my sundayskool teechur they be tellun me that you seez evrythin and nos evrythin to an they be very smart and nice so i knowz iz so.

but you be so buzy seein and knowin you may nothas seed some of the stuf what happun at my skool las yeer .  speshully wif a boy in my klass we callz meen tyrone.

meen tyrone he jes always be lookin at wayz to make a fuss.  he pull at all the girlz hare and wen we be eatin our toona sanwich mean tyrone he com over and try to mush it up wif his fingurs.  so now when we seez him acomin we jes eatup our sanwich reel fast like so he dont have no chance to go mushin.

an he alwayz pickun at my bes frend a lil boy name of peter chen cause peter is a diffrun kolor than mos of us be.  kinda a yeller.  me an peter we be bes frenz an we likz to go on the swings to see whoo ken go up the hiest.  peter ken go hier than me an i think he be the best swinger that there ever was.  one day i drop a book an peter he reach down andd pick it up an give it back to me.  that was nice.

so i was thinkun that if all us kidz waz the same kolor than meen tyrone heed have no kall to be pickun at peter.  so could you make it so we all be the same kolor.  i think perpul would be nice.

i love you and i no you love me to


kiesha smith



  1. Dear Kiesha,

    The truth is that you all are the same color. The only difference is that some of you absorb more light than others. Clearly you are a case in point. 😉



    • thank you for splainin that to me god. im gonna let meen tyrone and peter no what you said and i hope that i don haf to fret none over my toona sanwiches nest yeer and mean tyrone will stop pickun at peter.



  2. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  3. Sounds like heaven to me, and I wonder what colour that will be seeing we are all mutations from an original parent stock and have no idea what that colour was.

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