The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

Brazil’s Foreign Minister, Antonio Patriota is upset.  It seems that his government has received reports that billions of Brazilian email and telephone conversations have been monitored and archived by the United States of America’s “Do-gooder protect us from all evil agency”, the NSA.

On the surface, it might appear that the United States of America is employing the same sort of tactics that the former USSR used in its foreign surveillance activities.  But there are good reasons why these spying activities are in place and I would like to offer an explanation to help relieve the Foreign Minister of his concerns.

Irrespective of whether or not the Congress is able to come up with any sort of reasonable and workable immigration bill, it is clear that from the standpoint of our neighboring citizens to the south, America is still the land of opportunity.  Free phones, free food and free medical care are merely some of the benefits of living in the United States – whether that is legally or otherwise.  So who wouldn’t want to move in?

Given this continuing trend, it is my expectation that the land between Mexico and Panama within five to ten years will be empty.  That is what G-30 government analysts refer to as a “void.”  Imagine, all that land going unused – and therein lies one of the justifiable reasons for the NSA’s activities on Brazilian citizens, corporations and government.  In less than a decade, Panama City will effectively be the United States’ most southern urban establishment.

Now the nature of geography has inconveniently placed the continent of South America on which the Foreign Minister resides, awfully close to our new southern border.  And while it is true that between his country and Panama, Venezuela and Colombia are in the way, let’s face facts.

With the death of President Chavez, the Venezuelans are too busy trying to find a new dictator to rule them to care about geographic expansion, and the Colombians are too involved in perpetual fiestas funded by all the money they have made selling their drugs in the United States to care.

Brazil, the largest geographical country and the most technologically advanced in South America, naturally poses a threat with the potential of moving northward and poaching the resources of our new southern border.  And what is to prevent Brazil from continuing this wave northward?

With the abandonment of Central America and Mexico by its people in favor of the much nicer weather and other bennies to be found in the United States, Brazilian armies could just take over the entire Central American peninsula.  And the best part is that since no one will be there, your Portuguese speaking troops wouldn’t even have to take immersion courses in Spanish.  Surely, Mr. Foreign Minister you can see the threat involved to American sovereignty.

If this weren’t a long term game plan of your government, then why did you officially name your country The United States of Brazil?  Huh?  Answer me that one.

Of course, I suspect there is a bit of hubris involved in your shock and outrage at these legitimate spying activities.  I mean, Mr. Foreign Minister, do you think that you Brazilians are better than us red blooded Americans?  The NSA conducts the same sort of illegal surveillance on American citizens.  So if it’s good enough for us it should darn well be good enough for you.

And if you think otherwise – then you’re just nuts.


Comments on: "BRAZIL – ARE YOU NUTS?!" (9)

  1. Hubris? In foreign affairs? Surly you jest?

    • I was going to emend your comment to “surely” – but then I realized what a clever “bon mot” that word choice was.

      I was playing some on-line poker which is back (if you’re playing in Nevada) and saw one of the crudest attempts at a bluff – which failed.

      That reminded me of an old adage. “Sometimes when you go all in, you’ve got to be holding the cards.”

      True for poker – true for foreign affairs.

      • Thanks for paying attention, in truth it was a typo-that worked out, more clever than I am, actually. 🙂

        Indeed so. And I’ve always found poker to be a good simile for life, and four-flushers don’t win-for long.

      • I’ll attribute to the slip up as the brilliance of your unconscious mind at work.

        And you are very correct in your poker analysis. (But it always seems that the money they won from goes to somebody else. C’est la vie.).

      • Thank you, I’m glad that part is 🙂

        Indeed so, and you’ve noticed that as well, eh?

  2. Well I have nothing to hide so spy as much as you want. If it picks up nasty people who want to wreck my way of life then God bless those who thought of a way to prevent that. They have my vote.

    • If I may suggest, your comment is exactly the reason that tyrannies are allowed to come into being. I’m sure that many of us see ourselves as following the law and are above reproach. But tyrannies can easily manufacture new laws that target specific people or groups that they consider undersirable.

      It’s not a big step from having our white hats knocked off our heads and replaced with black ones.

      • We live in an increasingly threatening world, both from internal and external forces. No one would like to have their privacy or freedoms invaded from any source of course but the time will come when people will blame governments for the calamities that befall all of us because our governments don’t remain vigilant, and that is because we don’t let them. We will demand that they take the steps necessary to protect us. As for the black hats, if that means a group who have been kept down over the centuries begin to rise to the top I’m sure I’d not be threatened by that. Maybe my world would look a little different, but maybe it would be a bit fairer perhaps?

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