The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


Hillary Rodham Clinton has had an interesting career – to put it mildly.

She is an attorney; an inexperienced but highly successful commodities trader; the former first lady of the State of Arkansas and of these United States; the first female partner in the Rose Law Firm – the firm of choice for the rich and powerful in her adopted state (the first one); a key player in the Whitewater Scandal that absorbed the nation’s attention for over two years; a partner in an unusually “open” marriage; a United States Senator elected from her adopted state (the second one); our 67th Secretary of State; and now … my nominee for “The Best Actress In A Leading Role” for her testimony regarding the “Benghazi Affair” delivered to the Senate.

With a dossier that is extensive as Secretary of State Clinton’s it is hard to know where to begin in reviewing her career.

It shows remarkable, innate talent on Ms.Clinton’s part to have given the emotional performance that she delivered in front of the Simpy Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week while essentially avoiding answering the questions that were put to her.  Rather than respond with facts, Ms. Clinton launched her own assault on those who were questioning her – overflowing with “emotion” as she talked about standing next to the caskets of those who had been murdered by Muslim “extremists” in Libya.

During her testimony she also pointed out to her Republican critics that it was not only Libya but that there were at least twenty countries around the globe where American diplomats and embassies were at great risk.  That was perhaps the most honest part of the testimony which she delivered.  Perhaps that was what prompted Senator Dick “Duh” Durbin of Illinois to comment,

“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has done an extraordinary job for this country. It’ll be recognized by history. This was one of her finer moments.”

Sadly, Senator Durbin’s statement might have been one of the most insightful of his rather inglorious career.  The only small emendation I would like to make would be the small matter of a preposition in the first line of that comment.  My revision would change that line to read, “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has done an extraordinary job on this country.”

Let’s return briefly to the Secretary’s remark about the danger our men and women in the foreign service face around the world.  As the present administration, which claimed that it would be the most transparent in history has proven continuously to be the polar opposite, it is unusual to have one of its members be so forthright by making this kind of statement – and it gives us an unexpected opportunity to gain an understanding of our government’s thinking and foreign policy.

What is it, if anything, that these twenty hot spots have in common?  Well, for those of you who lived through 9/11 (the first one), it should come as no surprise that virtually all of these foreign lands are run by governments where sharia Muslim law is the law of their land and jihad is their political message.

So having been forthcoming in her analysis of what is going on globally, how did Secretary Clinton’s Department of State explain the Benghazi massacre?  Did they place the blame on extremists whose goal is to bring down America?  No.  It squarely faulted an “insulting film made by an American Coptic Christian” and publicly maintained that position for at least a week after the facts were known.

Have you heard anyone, whether in the State Department, the Congress or the White House with the guts to speak out against those in the Muslim world of jihad and say, “America will not tolerate your abrogation either of our laws or of international law and you will be rooted out and destroyed if you attack any of our embassies or our personnel?”

Secretary Clinton (along with many of her European colleagues) has maintained a position (our official position) of being an apologist when the “rights of Muslims” are purportedly infringed.  Protecting our citizens’ ability to practice their religious convictions freely is an essential part of the American Constitution – and one not accorded to non-believers in the countries to which the Secretary made reference.

The performance to which the Senators and the nation were treated by the Secretary was nothing short of astounding.  Perhaps the senior Senator from Illinois’ comment,  “It’ll be recognized by history. This was one of her finer moments”  will ring true.

But coming off a baseline of a career filled with deception, half truths, intrigue and unmitigated dishonesty, doesn’t America deserve better?


Comments on: "AND THE AWARD GOES TO …" (13)

  1. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown and commented:
    Wonderfully objective.

  2. Thank you so much for the reblog.

    Living in Chicago I met several of Hillary Rodham’s high school classmates who shared some personal experiences of their dealings with her. Of course, there is no way that I could verify their statements as other than “hear say”. But even if I could, I still wouldn’t use them in this blog because these posts are intended to be read by a General Audience and my writing style doesn’t lend itself to “Shock” as an appropriate medium for disseminating my message.

  3. Ha, Well and truly said. A loathsome would be Mistress of the world, who never understood what is meant by ‘public service’.

  4. Maybe it’s my life long association with our canine friends, but I can usually sniff out BS at a a thousand paces and I try to navigate around it. By contrast, many of us in this country seem to think that it’s something pleasurable to wallow in. Lord knows they must be in hog heaven with the players currently on the stage.

  5. A remarkable woman nevertheless

  6. “…doesn’t America deserve better?” Let us see how America votes before answering that question. So far, I would have to say that Americans in the majority have gotten exactly what they asked for at the polls and will continue to get the government and leaders they deserve each and every time they cast a vote. If they think they deserve better, then, they need to do a better job voting or educating those on the other side. Your blog does a good job with the latter; so, thank you once again for another thought provoking article.

  7. Ms. Clinton (and hubby) are perfect examples who validate your statement. If we elect and endorse people with questionable or few values, that then enables the electorate to use them as an example for their own behavior. This is not the first time in American history that has happened. But the unresolved issues with Whitewater, Vince Foster, the commodities sham started us back on a course, to lift a title from Cole Porter, where “Anything Goes.”

  8. What a damning indictment of Ms. Clinton and the president’s foreign policy. You make a compelling case. By the way, I’ve missed seeing new posts from you this month. I hope you’re well.

  9. i also have noticed your protracted absence and trust all is OK; that we can look forward shortly to reading again your scintillating prose.

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