The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


Planned Parenthood of Texas is upset.  The state has cut them off from being further funded at the taxpayers’ expense.  In the finest of recent American tradition they have done the only logical thing.  They are suing and their day in court will soon arrive.

The legislatures of Texas have approved measures which deprive any organization which offers abortion services from further state funding.  Apparently, that is a manifestation of the will of the Texans who empowered these individuals to write laws on their behalf.  And Gov. Rick Perry has signed those acts into law.

It is difficult for me to understand why Planned Parenthood has a problem with this concept.  After all, they were strong advocates of the Obama administration from whom we are hearing that “the people has spoke”, to quote the late Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago.  Nevertheless, there seems to be a bit of dichotomous thinking going on – as it usually does when whiney liberals don’t get their way.

Let’s think back to the imposition of government, via the ACA, which requires that all employers provide health insurance that includes payment for birth control, abortifacients and abortions.  Any number of religious organizations, the Roman Catholic Church in particular, opposed that requirement as it insisted that they discard centuries old convictions in order to be compliant with a law which they believe is morally repugnant.

The religionists of this country took a stand based on something that most of us consider both imprudent and impractical – Divine Law.

Now our friends at Planned Parenthood have an opportunity – a business opportunity.  As they are not encumbered with such ridiculously antiquated notions as “right and wrong” – they have merely to surrender a bit of immoral principle in their own personal interests – those being of a business sort.

Stop providing abortions in your clinics and I have no doubt that the Republic of Texas will be happy to fund you so that you may carry on your business of protecting the health of women there.

Turnabout.  It’s an iron mistress.

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