The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

Now that the Republican “leadership” has ceded what little remnant of moral authority they might have held to the dark side, it will be time for us to turn our attention to the issue of gun control.  Fortunately, we get a break from Washington “willy wabbering” for a period until the new Congress is convened.  Time to go out and buy some Tylenol to prepare ourselves for the two years ahead.

While I am not an NRA member and have never owned or fired a weapon, this debate has caused me to think whether that is an intelligent attitude in light of the real world in which we live.  So I am going to engage in my own, private gun debate.  I never thought I would ever consider having such a conversation.

It’s estimated that there are far more weapons in the United States of America than there are people.  If it is true that “guns kill people” then we should not be having this debate at all.  Our weapons would have picked themselves up, fired at their owners and they would all be dead., leaving their liberal opponents to say, “See, we told you so.”

While the Founding Fathers, I believe, crafted the Second Amendment with the clear intent of allowing the citizens of this new country to have the ability to resist a tyrannical government, that same principle also applies to their right to defend themselves from those in society who are violent and a menace.  People like Adam Lanza form a part of that group.  I believe that the appropriate PC term is that he was “mentally challenged” which translates into English as insane.

But the insane represent the smallest portion of those who commit violent crimes.  Most of those are perpetrated by thugs who do this for a living, never having learned, as products of our school systems and single family homes, to do anything else.  These are people who have never been functional members of society – and like the devil’s minions, their numbers are legion.

Should there be any liberal readers who stumbled upon this post, I want to prepare you for what’s coming.  Perhaps you should begin Googling from your latest version of the iPhone in your chic white suburban home and look up the number for the Federal Thought Police so that you can turn me in.

There are now well over 2.5 million who are incarcerated in the United States.  According to “The Sentencing Project”, a liberal dink tank, the rates at which black Americans are incarcerated versus their white counterparts is five times as great and for Hispanics, nearly twice as great.  Naturally, the conclusion that the authors draw is that fat old white conservative SOB’s are far more anxious to punish the darkie or the spic than they are to put away someone who has the potential of becoming a good ole boy.

What a load of crap!  (I hear the phone ringing at the central office of the Thought Police).  Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to go to jail because, for  a very large percentage of both those communities, they are born into, grow up and live in environments which offer poor education, little opportunity and no reason to hope for anything better.

They turn to crime because it is the only “job” for which they qualify and, frankly, if they get away with it, they will make substantially more than their parent or parents.  And if they get killed while performing their activities, well, they didn’t really have the expectation of a long life anyway – so why not go out with a blaze of glory?  This is not much different than the mentality to which a suicide bomber clings.

So how did these communities get this way?  The answer, in no small part, is due to our government organizations which offer the sop of welfare as a way to insure a poor quality of life and to buy their votes.  The Prez has proven the master of expanding the welfare rolls and enslaving even more to become dependent on the state rather than on their own initiative.

As an exercise, I recently went to, input a little information about myself as a single, non-parent and found that there were 22 different programs for “assistance” for which I might qualify.  I returned to the site and claimed to be a single mother of three and found that I was eligible to apply for over 56 different programs.  This is pure insanity.

But government is not the sole reason for the horrifying conditions in our black and Hispanic communities.  Look at (I’m holding my breath as I write this even knowing that I’m going to use quotation marks), look at the “culture” of those at the low income end of those communities.

My first exposure to “rap music” was about twenty years ago.  It was gratuitously offered by some picnickers in the park across the street from my apartment.  It was hard to miss because the volume was so loud, I could clearly hear the lyrics from the boom box a half block away.

I also use the term “lyrics” in its broadest sense.  This was before the evolution of “gangsta rap” – and yet there was no lack of the usage of “nigger” and “Mo Fo” and “ho’s” in this particular piece.  That has only gotten worse.  And if you don’t think that constant exposure to that sort of negative, demeaning language has a role in why those who listen commit crimes, you need to go back and take a remedial course in human behavior.

Of course, those on the left will consider this music as “expressive” of the community which has authored it.  In this I would agree – which is exactly my point.  I’m sure that the press, which has no difficulty overlooking the conservative voices in this country, would be horrified if someone were to classify this “expressive music” for what it actually is – toxic waste.  And you can throw in most of the garbage that spews from Hollywood and on our televisions into the mix as well.

This may seem like the greatest work of prejudice that you have seen me write.  And you are correct.

You see, I am prejudiced in favor of anyone, white, Asian, native American, black or Hispanic who has worked his butt off to get an education, become a businessman or a doctor or a mechanic and who has endeavored to raise a family based on old fashioned principles of responsibility and doing what we all know, though few choose to admit, is the “right thing”.  It pains me that they are sadly painted with the broad brush strokes of bigotry because so many others didn’t have the willpower or the gumption to take their lives and make something of them.

So how does a law abiding citizen who works, pays taxes and tries to be an asset both through personal example to his family and as a member of the community deal with people who have never been exposed to, let alone practiced, any sense of morality?  I guess the answer to that for many is that they go out, buy a gun and have the confidence to be able to defend themselves if one of these thugs encroaches on their civil rights and liberties.

And there is good precedence for this – which comes to us from the Bible.  Before that document goes into PC revision, there is one story that I recall – and this is the way I read it.

David and the Israelites were confronted by the Philistines who had a “secret weapon” in the person of the giant, Goliath.  In the original version (1 Samuel:17), David, on seeing his fierce opponent did not say, “Well, hello, Goliath.  My you’re a truly vertically challenged person and you have a countenance of anger, probably as a result of not being breast fed by your Mother.  Come on over to my place and I’ll give you a nice hearty bowl of Range-free chicken soup with some lovely organic whole wheat noodles in it.  Then we can hug and everything will be fine between your people and mine.”

(Sorry, I got the PC version first – but back to the original).

”And it came to pass, when the Philistine arose, and came and drew nigh to meet David, that David hasted, and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine.”

”And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone, and slang it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead, that the stone sunk into his forehead; and he fell upon his face to the earth.”

If you like this piece, please don’t hesitate to leave a reply.  I promise never to share any personal reader information with the Thought Police.  But then, if you do like it, they probably have your name, IP address and more personal information than you would ever willingly give out, in their files already.



  1. BRAVO, it’s about time we start telling it like it is. And this one is just as simple as “If you lie down with dogs (not yours or mine, of course) you’ll get up with fleas.”

    If you live in that “culture” with no hope and no training in right or wrong, why wouldn’t you be a thug?

    It just is, and we, with our do-gooder welfare system caused it. If we look at the black community in the 50s, we find strong God-fearing families, and then we jerked the incentives from them, and now we’re removing them from the rest of us, God help us all.

  2. If my beloved Grandmother were alive and saw how far we have sunk, she would pull out one of her aphorisms, look at Washington and would say, “It’s like I’ve always told you. There is nothing worse than a thief – unless it is a liar. But they’re both cut from the same cloth.”

  3. One of your best postings, in my opinion.

    “I am prejudiced in favor of anyone, white, Asian, native American, black or Hispanic who has worked his butt off to get an education, become a businessman or a doctor or a mechanic and who has endeavored to raise a family based on old fashioned principles of responsibility and doing what we all know, though few choose to admit, is the “right thing”.”

    Great statement.

    The sad thing about this statement is that someone coming through a disadvantaged and non-supportive culture is not only needing to work his/her butt off, but must overcome the active resistance of those who try to discourage him/her at every step.

    • Our entire culture is based on the negative.

      Find a law on the books anywhere that rewards a person for good behavior rather than punishing him for doing what is wrong. And while our friends want us to do “well”, they don’t want us to do “too well” lest we outshine them in our achievements. I cannot tell you how many times I thought of an idea which I believed might be the basis for a successful commercial venture only to hear, “Oh, you can’t do that. You don’t know anything about it.” Well, Edison didn’t know too much about the best way to make a long-lasting filament for the electric light bulb, but he held on over thousands of efforts to find one that worked. In the process, he revolutionized the world for the better.

      It’s tough for everyone – and probably more difficult for those who have grown up in a culture of both moral and economic poverty. But there are people who will have the desire to rise above their beginnings and make a positive contribution to their families and society – if only we will allow and encourage them to do so.

  4. Juwanna, this is one of the best articulated viewpoints I’ve read on the issue of gun control. Serious kudos!

  5. A+ piece! Our Founders knew that governments have always disarmed their citizens so far as possible; they were conducting a little experiment. Hence the “…if you can keep it” remark, right? And now, not only are several Amendments trashed but the Constitution itself is under attack in the New York Times.

    Seems the churches are passe’ and the Constitution itself is next to be disavowed. That’s the battlefield and guns are just one of the assaults under way.

    Your superior post can’t be refuted on its own terms; it’s inarguable. But I fear that the Left is not operating on those terms; it sees the Constitution as an out-of-date, embarrassing impediment, similar to say, religion. ,

    The Left is unimpressed by Biblical authority; the same is becoming true of the Constitution. And we are all complicit…

    • Franklin was certainly correct.

      As to the New York Times – there is a reason my family subscribed to The Herald Tribune.

      You are exactly on point regarding leftist thinking. And it is time that those who support an alternate viewpoint wake up to that fact – or else the game is lost – and with it, the country.

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