The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


As I’m sure all of you know, Word Press issues an annual report.  When I began this blog in October, 2010 I was unaware of that.  And I was equally unaware of that at the end of that year.   The blog had attracted so few visitors that I was not even awarded an “Un-honorable mention”.

This year was a little different.  I received notification comparing the number of “hits” to the European Principality of Liechtenstein.  As you may be aware, Liechtenstein is the third smallest political entity in Europe, Vatican City being the smallest followed by the the Principality of Monaco.  In case you didn’t know, Liechtenstein has issued some of the most wonderfully artistic stamps that have ever been printed.

There are times when I put my heart and soul into a post and there were few responses.  I would be dishonest to say that I didn’t find that discouraging, because I did.

I have always been an admirer of the Impressionist school of painting.  Had it not been for Ambrose Vollard, one of the most important art dealers in Paris, the works of Matisse and Monet, Cezanne and Camille Pissarro might have been years later in gaining the acclaim that they so richly deserve.  Vollard worked diligently to promote these artists, among many others.  He had a vision.

Like Vollard, I have a vision.  I believe that there is a better world that we can achieve through compassion and co-operation and courtesy.  I also know that I cannot convince anyone else to engage in my three “C’s” unless I exhibit them in my own life.

You may not realize how important each of you who has taken the time to stop by and comment or hit the “Like” button is in that effort.  But I do.  Without your support, I probably would have long ago abandoned this blog.  I realize that you are a limited audience – but I accept that I am not writing for or being read by the mass of humanity.

I also recognize that I will never enjoy the popularity of those who would enjoy reading about the latest indiscretion of someone who is currently in the limelight of pop culture.  And I’m fine with that.  To abandon principle in favor of that which is momentarily in vogue is to abandon truth and values and reason.  And I hope that I never succumb to that low level of despair.

And if I should maintain my standards, as unimportant as those might be to the mass audience, it is only because of the support that I have received from you, my loyal readers.

And for that support, I wholeheartedly want to say, “Thank you”.


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  1. You are, of course, welcome.

    But more to the point, Thank You for being a voice of sanity in a world gone mad, there are far too few who have the ability to make rational thinking out of the national cacophony, and I am very glad that you are here.

    Oh, and Happy New Year, my friend. 🙂

    • Sorry for the delayed Happy New Year but my laptop decided to pick yesterday to lock up and crash. After a lot of tinkering I was able to get it going – and, I might add – without electrocuting myself, in itself quite an achievement for one of my limited mechanical skills.

      Thanks for your support and comments throughout the year. I appreciate the time you take to read my meanderings. You are one of my mainstays – and I wanted to let you know that.

      Happy (belated) New Year!

  2. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown and commented:
    Take heart – your in-depth vision is always refreshing and such a pleasure to read. Not all readers Like or Comment. keep up the good work. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your generous comment. I find myself devoting about an hour a day to reading your posts. It’s as though we have become good friends, separated only by most of a continent and an ocean. I sincerely appreciate your support.

  3. Thank you for sharing your vision and encouraging others with similar worldviews to do the same. Your inspiration was particularly helpful to me when I was deciding to shut my blog down or not; so, if you need affirmation that your blog and writing serves a purpose, you have it. Happy New Year.

    • Thanks, Rick. I guess if we think about it, if our worldview were one that was commonly shared, there would be no need for either of us to write a blog. We would simply accept an anchor position with the mainstream media.

      Happy New Year!

    • Pardon the long delay in responing, Rick. Somehow, I managed to miss your very kind comment. I’m sure you understand my saying that sometimes I feel as though I have been cast in a role in “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World”. Voices of reason such as yours help me realize that at some point, the movie is going to end and we will get back to real life – or so I hope.

  4. Yes that was a new innovation by Word Press. Still unpacking boxes and hoping the tradesmen get over their new year celebration soon so we can get on with our life and have more time for the internet. Happy New Year.

  5. Just remember that although folks don’t always comment doesn’t mean they aren’t reading. I read and skim lots of blogs but don’t always comment for lack of time or because I don’t always know what to say. Sometimes I post yours on my FB or forward you out. My mom reads blogs and never comments because she’s too shy. Never stop writing. America needs your vision. Keep trucking on and your audience will grow. We appreciate the time it takes to write your thoughts. 🙂

  6. You’re such a sweetie, Jennifer. Thank you. And thank you for the email with the little one’s name. I just fell behind on my emails – nothing new there. Thanks for reading and I hope you’re getting more rest. J

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