The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  – 2nd Amendment to the U. S. Constitution.

Vice President Biden has been tasked with the responsibility of conducting a conversation, investigation and hearings on whether, our Constitution notwithstanding, the citizens of the United States should be allowed to own weaponry – specifically guns.  This should prove very interesting and I plan on following this closely and report updates as they are warranted.

The Vice-President has an extensive history and record of being anti-gun and has long advocated greater and more restrictive gun control measures.  This may disturb our sports heroes in the NFL, three-quarters of whom own personal weapons.  Maybe they’ll organize a play to sack the Veep.

I hope that VP Biden brings with him to this discussion, the same open-minded thinking he brought to the subject of abortion.  Perhaps you recall his statement during the Vice Presidential debate.

While he is a practicing Roman Catholic, he felt “that imposing his personal beliefs on others in the matter of abortion was ‘wrong.’” 

I wonder if he will carry the same philosophy to his involvement in the discussion over gun ownership.

II be or not II be.  That is the question.

Comments on: "II BE OR NOT II BE" (10)

  1. Or, as it is ‘phrased’ in hive-speak, “To Bee or not to Bee.” 😉

  2. Maybe that is the question, but I already know which way I would bet. And big.

  3. nearlynormalized said:

    Gun ownership–assault weapons–the writing of the constitution was how many years ago? Assault weapons were pulled by horses then and I believe they were called cannons. There has to be some discussion to the reality of a rifle being able to release many rounds within a few seconds. You are not hunting deer with that or are you? You have a three day wait for acquiring a pistol but no waiting time for a semi-automatic rifle. Doesn’t quite fit in with my logic. Take the NRA out of this discussion and let’s discuss.

    • As I’ve said before, if all weapons suddenly disappeared from the face of planet Earth I’d shed no tears at their demise. But then, I wish we could all leave in peace and friendship. I believe focusing on weapons per se is a futile exercise. We all know why they were designed and what their purpose is. To bring death. That is not an activity in which I wish to engage and that is why I don’t own one. Assault rifles are merely a variation on a theme (albeit a faster and more violent one).

      The problem is that there are men and women who are committed to violence. I don’t understand them but I know they are out there. And they will find a way to work their will, whether it is with assault rifles, hand grenades, or bombs filled with toxic chemicals. Until we address and redress the fundamental question of learning to live together peacefully (a theory that has never been put in practice), weapons will exist – and in some sad respect, they may be the only defense that is left to those who are truly peaceful in nature.

      • nearlynormalized said:

        Timothy Leary, yes the LSD man once said at a lecture, “All those that wish to pursue violence, find a island and play war.” Bottom line leave the innocent just that, innocent. Who knows, is the semi automatic/automatic the replacement for Viagra? Stay warm.

      • I take your reference to the semi/automatic and viagra to be a modern “male” thing. I guess that is much the same as “poisoining the tea” and ordering take out is a modern “female” thing.

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