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Since the last several posts have had a lot of numbers in them, I thought I would share with you something which I just learned recently.  That is, the reason that numbers are written in the manner that they are.

As a grade school kid, I was taught to copy the way a “1” is supposed to look and a “2”, etc.  No one ever explained me to why they were shaped as they were – and, frankly, it never occurred to me to question that.  I was far too busy trying to understand why the “f” in fish was pronounced in the same way as the “ph” in phenobarbital.   Well, that particular example might have been something I wondered about when I was a bit older.

But here is the explanation.  It’s all about “angles” as the following chart illustrates:

Why are numbers drawn the way they are[1]

This is something else for you to digest – along with your turkey and all the trimmings.

Have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving.


Comments on: "NUMBEROLOGY" (2)

  1. But 8 is two circles with no angles… and on its side it means infinity???

  2. Actually, I was taught to make an “8” as two equilateral triangles resting on top of each other as in the diagram. I also learned that Europeans wrote their “7’s” with a stroke through the center (though the one at the bottom is not something which I have seen before). And the “9” in the chart has those extra last three strokes which form the final two angles and are new to me as well.

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