The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


In the Presidential election of 2008, our black citizens who voted cast approximately 95% of their ballots for Barack Obama.  He won.  They lost.

A report prepared by Sentier Research, which “The New York Times” cites in its Sunday, November 4th edition details how black American wage earners saw the greatest percentage reduction of any ethnic group in the Obama Recession – a startling 11.1% of their income disappeared – more than twice that of any other group measured in the study.  I have provided a link to the story for you to review:

Sentier Research is a company founded in 1997, based in Annapolis, MD.  It has an extensive clientele which include various U. S. government agencies and it also conducts statistical research for a substantial number of foreign countries.

Estimates are that our black citizens will once again cast approximately the same percentage of their votes to re-elect the President.

“Give the people what they want.  And let them vote for what they deserve.”

Comments on: "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?" (2)

  1. So much for politics being the battlefield of “ideas”. How unfortunate that, like in the 1960s, we are once again choosing race over rational self-interest.

  2. If the statement is true that, “Ignorance is poverty,” it explains the phenomenon quite well.

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