The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


If you’re anticipating a laundry list of things that Americans were first to achieve, like land on the moon, I am afraid you’re going to be disappointed.  See, I just wanted to suck you in with the title – and hope you’d keep reading.  (I might have a career in politics after all).

The American firsts to which I refer are actually things in which my now adopted state, Nevada are head and shoulders above all other forty-nine states.  (Or is that fifty-six, President Obama)?

Nevada is first in having the highest rate of unemployment of any state in the nation.  Nevada is also first in the percentage of our land area which is owned by the Federal government.  I am not suggesting that the amount of land ownership by the Feds correlates to the amount of unemployment – but now that I said that, I will have to think about it a little bit more.

With the Presidential election only days away and with the worst storm in decades hitting the Eastern seaboard, I don’t know if this story has made it into the national media but it is big news here in Nevada.


Or more correctly, an Irish oil exploration company which goes by the curious name of U. S. Oil & Gas has discovered oil.  A lot of oil.

The find is about 230 miles north northwest of Las Vegas in an area known as Hot Creek Valley.  Although U. S. Oil and Gas is being closemouthed about the extent of the discovery pending the drilling of more wells to confirm their geology reports, the claims which are coming out of the valley are mind-boggling.

Several independent geologists have asserted that the reservoir of oil would be bigger than the finds in Texas and bigger than all the proven reserves that are in Saudi Arabia – the world’s mot plentiful source of light sweet crude oil.

If that should be the case, this will mean that Nevada can move away from its near total dependence on casino gaming for revenue and will have a new source of income.  That will also mean that we should be able to lose our ranking as number one in the nation’s unemployed and be able to create good paying jobs for those who need them as happened in South Dakota with the Bakken discovery.

U. S. Oil and Gas leased 25,000 acres of land from the Bureau of Land Management.  That is the agency that is a part of the Department of the Interior and is responsible for overseeing 260 Million acres of land, primarily in twelve western states.  The agency also sells land to individuals and corporations from time to time.

Now what is most interesting, as I hear from a confidential but very reliable source, is that Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), the Majority Leader, recently acquired 2,500 acres of land from the BLM for himself – land which is a part of the oil field that U. S. Oil and Gas is currently working and evaluating.

It’s curious to me that  the good senator would have an interest in this particular acreage.  The landscape is barren, it is remote and other than being a great place to breed rattlesnakes, it’s only other potential is for oil and mineral discoveries.  Eureka!  Perhaps that’s what the senator had in mind with his acquisition.

That may not be totally fair.  With his predisposition toward green energy, having voted for the taxpayers to fund the failed Solyndra, perhaps he had a vision of creating a vast array of solar panels or windmills on the site of his newly acquired property.  Time alone will tell.

However, should the discovery prove to be as substantial as rumored, and should it later come to light that the Senate Majority Leader had “inside information” of which he took advantage and profited, it will be a scandal that will eclipse both Watergate and the Tea Pot Dome scandal of the Harding administration.

For the sake of those Nevadans who are actively seeking employment and are unable to find work and for the sake of all of us Americans so that we might obtain a new source of energy and reduce our dependence on foreign governments, I truly hope that this discovery pans out.

And to Sen. Harry Reid, all I can say at this point is, Mazel Tov.

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  1. Hmmmm, follow the money… An Irish company, funded in Denmark, and traded on the London stock exchange… No news since June… Very interesting….

  2. Ok so I’ve just done some research on these guys. Trading on the gxg markets under the ticker usop. >1100ft (c.335m) of net pay containing 20 Potential Porous Oil Producing Zones. They also have giants like baker hughes and schlumberger working with them and various contractors have asked to be paid in shares not cash. All signs point to this first well being commercial but they are waiting for flow test rates to confirm to the public. They are also fully funded for the next well and after that have a 100 well programme. This is life changing! I’m not sure how to invest but I’m calling my broker tomorrow

    • Good for you for doing your research. You’re right – if the field proves out it could provide tremendous opportunity both for investment and for jobs. I hope it works out for you!

  3. I missed this one but, the sound of it above, it sounds like a field ripe for fracking, like the Bakken, which also extends all the way to the Rockies in Montana, and still another field in Wyoming, also reportedly as big as Saudi Arabia. If we can get the permitting system opened we will be completely independent, in less than ten years.

    That is a world changer, and explains a lot about all the Arab money (reportedly) in Obama’s campaign.

    America is going to come roaring back to life, I think.

    • I defer to your superior knowledge in terms of the time framework.

      But the beauty of the Nevada reservoir, should it prove to be true, is that there are very few environmental challenges to its development. (Unless we find a new species of endangered rattlesnake).

      • Yup, but give them a chance and they’ll invent some critter, or microbe or something, anything, to stop it.

        That timeframe is somewhat of a guess, and somewhat dependent on keeping the Canadians happy I suspect. But that shouldn’t be too difficult, if we get reasonable finally.

  4. The solution for keeping the Canadians happy is simple. Send each one a lifetime supply of Ketchup. (That should make H. J. Heinz very glad).

  5. Well, insider trading laws don’t seem to apply to Congressfolk, a lot like those truth in advertising laws. C’mon, how else do you expect the poor grifters to get rich? Honest work?
    Anyway, the Dept. of Interior guys are just now locking up 1.6 M acres of Federal land, excluding public use and drilling. It’s surely undue optimism but wouldn’t it be fun of the good Senator’s acquisition was in the middle of that land grab?

    • Unfortunately, a lot of our laws (including that priceless pearl, Obamacare) don’t apply to our lawmakers. And therein lies one of the most fundamental of our problems.

      Of course, given the administration’s inability to begin even to fathom the concept of an “energy policy” it seems to me that Sen. Reid might have to wait to benefit from his potential gains until a Republican retakes the White House.

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