The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


It is now, at least in Nevada, only five days until the deadline for registering to vote will have come and gone. In Nevada the process is fairly simple and can be accomplished by anyone with either a NV Driver’s license or state issued ID card online in just a few minutes.

I realize that there are many who do not have internet access or find it too intimidating, so for those folks I have noticed that team Obama has had some of their camp out soliciting people to register doing it the old-fashioned way – with paper and pencil.  I encountered one of these the other day.

Gracie, the goldens and I had just pulled into the dog park for our 10 o’clock p.m. final romp of the day when one of those darn idiot lights illuminated on my dashboard informing me that my supply of gasoline was low.  After we got back in the car I headed for the 7-11 which offers gas at a competitive price and is on the way back home.

The kids were all sticking their heads out of the car, watching me as I started filling the tank, when a young lady, I took her to be in her early twenties, came from behind my car and said, “I assume that you’re already registered to vote.”  Other than the four bumper stickers which adorn the back of the station wagon, I have no idea why she made that assumption.

But I decided to have a little fun as we were just beginning the short journey until the gas pump showed the magical $60 figure which is what it currently takes to fill the tank.  So I responded to her inquiry, “Why would you assume that?”

She looked at the rear of the station wagon and said, “Well, I just thought…” at which point I said, “You’ll forgive me but if I were doing the job you have chosen to do, I would simply phrase the question as, ‘Excuse me, are you registered to vote’.”

“I will be happy to answer your question if you will first answer two of mine.  But before asking you my simple questions about U. S. history, let me congratulate you for taking an active part in our electoral process.  Now, here are my two questions.”

Those of you have been following along for awhile will recognize these as the first two which were asked of a number of people in the You Tube video which appeared in my earlier post, “Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid’.  Although whoever recorded those interviews said that the video was not scripted, I found it shocking that people struggled with the first two questions they posed which are, in my mind, so easy and fundamental.

Those questions were, “In what year did the United States declare its independence and from what country?”

I looked at the woman for a few seconds and then, so as not to intimidate her by staring at her, I turned my head to see the progress that the pump was making toward my fill up.  I had about $35 left to go.  So I turned back to this young lady, thinking I had given her adequate time to compose her answer – only to find that she had taken herself and her clip board to another pump and another prospective new voter.

It would be presumptive to say that the reason she left without answering me was that she didn’t know the answer to these questions.  But it is equally presumptive to say the she did and simply chose not to answer.  After all, she was engaged in the business of soliciting people to register to vote and while she may have assumed that I was already registered because my bumper stickers certainly make a political statement, would it not be in her and her cause’s best interest to verify that before giving up on me?

As we approach the countdown toward voter registration cutoff, I applaud team Obama for making a concerted effort to get people involved in the political process.  Perhaps when that part of the campaign is over, they can turn their attention to some of their ads and edit them for a little more accuracy.


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