The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


There are probably no more devastating words that a woman can hear than these four – “You have breast cancer.”

Elizabeth Edwards, the late wife of former Senator John Edwards heard those words.  She also found out that her husband was having an extra-marital affair.  We know that with any disease, a positive mental attitude is essential if a person has a chance of recovery.  Finding out your husband has been unfaithful certainly doesn’t support that kind of mental condition.  Elizabeth Edwards succumbed to her disease and died.

Ann Romney, wife of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney also heard those words.  Unlike Mrs. Edwards, she had the support of a loving family and a devoted husband.  Today Ann Romney is on the campaign trail, hoping to do her part to restore America by helping her husband in his attempt to get us back to the old-time values and sound economic principles which he believes in and represents.  She is a survivor of this dreadful illness and we wish her and all those others who have been diagnosed with the condition, the very best of luck and a long life.

Mr. Edwards is a member of the Democratic Party – the party that bills itself as having a lot of concern for “the little guy.”  Apparently, that concern doesn’t extend itself to “the little woman.”

Or maybe Mr. Edwards is merely a victim of IIFGJDI – a modern re-invention, brought back to life from the 60’s when it originated.  If you’ve forgotten, the acronym stands for, “If It Feels Good Just Do It.”

Mr. Romney apparently just doesn’t get it.  He has fuddy-duddy old-time values – family, fidelity, work in order to achieve a better life for your kids, stuff like that.  And there is perhaps one more that I should mention.  Apparently, he believes that, “Charity begins at home.”

And that’s a tale of two people.


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  1. Excellent observation. Well said.

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