The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


In this post I am not referring to the television show which first aired in 1956 in which four celebrities tried to determine the identity of the contestant who was who he or she said they were and to determine who were the two impostors.

Rather, I am referring to which of our politicians is “telling the truth” when it comes to those important matters which affect all of us.  This post will be brief.

If more than sixty percent of the country cannot correctly identify the current Vice President, I’m sure that the name Erskine Bowles will be even more obscure.  That’s unfortunate because Mr. Bowles, as co-chair of the Bowles-Simpson Commission initiated by President Obama to create a proposal for how we could implement a sustainable and fiscally prudent budget (later ignored by the President), has a long record of public service.

Mr. Bowles is a Democrat and served in the Clinton Administration as White House Chief of Staff.  He also served as President of the University of North Carolina.

This is what Mr. Bowles had to say about Vice-Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan:

“I’m telling you, this guy is amazing. I always thought I was OK with arithmetic. This guy can run circles around me,” Bowles tells a class of students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“He is honest, he is straightforward, he is sincere. And the budget he came forward with is just like Paul Ryan. It is a sensible, straightforward, honest, a serious budget and it cut the budget deficit just like we did by four trillion dollars.”

“The president came out with his own plan. And the president, as you remember, came out with a budget. And I don’t think anybody took that budget very seriously,” Bowles continues.

“The Senate voted against it 97 to nothing. He, therefore, after a lot of pressure from folks like me, came out with a new budget framework. And in that budget framework, he cuts the budget by four trillion dollars over twelve years. And, to be candid, this four trillion dollars cut was very heavily back-end loaded. So, that if you looked at it on a ten-year basis and compared apples to apples, it really was about a two and a half trillion dollar cut.”

It’s refreshing when someone of Mr. Bowles’ caliber tells the truth.  Don’t’ we deserve it?


Comments on: "TO TELL THE TRUTH" (5)

  1. We certainly do, and the sad part is that when we get it, it’s news, although not covered by the ‘news media’.

    The evil part is that many of our citizens wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit them.

  2. “The evil part is that many of our citizens wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit them.”

    … or care.

  3. Certainly we deserve the truth, from both “our guys” and “their guys”. But, while the unvarnished truth is refreshing, I don’t think we need “worry” that this small bit of truth-telling will explode into an epidemic.

    • If there were a futures contract in “truth” traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, it would be making new highs because of the short supply of the commodity.

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